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Nov. 15, 1997

1. Chiapas Air Travel Support (Mark @ 800-683-1556)

A full service travel agent will help you join the "Caravan of Hope" on the way to the highlands of Chiapas in order to build the first autonomous, indigenous junior high school in Chiapas, MEXICO. Buses leave Mexico City on Dec. 27, 1997 to travel to the civilian Zapatista center of Oventic Aguascalientes II. Deadline for $150 deposit is Wed., Nov. 19, 1997. Checks made out to Grass Roots Events, Inc. Travel agent local number (760) 931-1556 ask for Mark. Work for peace with justice and gain the experience of a lifetime!

2. Zapatista Leader to speak Friday, Nov. 21, 1997 @ University of California at San Diego

Javier Elorriaga, leader of the civilian Zapatista movement of Mexico, will speak at a number of public schools in San Diego on Friday, Nov. 21, 1997. Beginning at 7pm on the campus of UCSD in Solis Hall 107, Mr. Elorriaga will discuss the struggle of indigenous Mexicans for democracy and education and the impact these struggles are having on contemporary Mexican society and the world. Free.

3. Printed Newsletter Available

Read and help distribute to our many, non-internet friendly supporters! We'll send as many as you will share - or even better we'll send a master of a two sided, 8 1/2" X 11" flyer and you reproduce in the thousands!

4. School Bond Sales Increase

It's easy; it's relatively painless; sometimes it's almost fun BUT it always helps raise money for the school at Oventic Aguascalientes II and let's you talk about Chiapas to your friends, family, co-workers, and people on the street. These bonds are issues in $5.00 units and put into booklets of twenty to encourage people to support the struggle of the indigenous of Chiapas to build a better life. Let us mail you several packets!

5. Urgent Chiapas News - See the final ps.

Por y para los ni=F1os,

Peter Brown, Director Chiapas Schools Constructions Teams Chanobjunetik ta Chiapas Jkoltavanejetik ta Smeltzanel Equipos de construcci=F3n para escuelas en Chiapas

c/o Craftsmen's Hall AFL-CIO 3909 Centre Street Suite B San Diego, CA 92103

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ppps. The National Commission for Democracy in Mexico calls for messages of support of the demilitarization of Mexico.

To: President Clinton <president@whitehouse.gov>, Presidente Zedillo <webadmon@op.presidencia.gob.mx>

They have written a sample letter which you can edit or rewrite. You may also forward directly to these Heads of State on your letter head by mail. It is very important that we voice our concerns, for traditionally there have been movements on the part of the Mexican military in Zapatista communities around this time of year (Nov-Dec as the rainy season ends). If you want your email address to remain anonymous, put "anonymous" in the subject header. iADELANTE!


To President Clinton To President Zedillo

It has come to our attention that hundreds of communities throughout Mexico, particularly in Chiapas and other southern states with large Indigenous populations, have been militarized during the past four years, and human rights abuses occur with impunity across the country on a daily basis. Recently we have been made aware that conditions have grown particularly critical in Chiapas and other southern states, where a virtual civil war and state of siege exist as the result of the activities by government-backed paramilitary groups and the Mexican military's occupation of the Indigenous communities. Just since the elections in July, reported human rights violations in these communities have included: 5,000 indigenous have been displaced in the last felt months because of the virtual civil war in northern Chiapas; 800 just during the past month.

There have been significant troop movements in Chiapas. One new base, composed of more than 500 soldiers has been established less than 5 miles away from the Zapatista Village of La Realidad On November 4, 1997 paramilitary troops attempted to assassinate Bishop Samuel Ruiz, a member the CONAI, who has been a proponent for a just and dignified resolution to the war in Chiapas More than a hundred people have been killed in the last three months more than 12 international human rights observers have been expelled from Chiapas in the last 6 months Human Rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have come out with recent reports documenting the widespread use of torture, disappearances, extrajudicial killings and other acts of violence by the Mexican military and paramilitary groups in Chiapas and throughout Mexico Yet U.S. foreign policy as well as national media have been virtually silent regarding these profoundly disturbing events.

President Clinton and President Zedillo, the low-intensity war in Chiapas and the resulting human rights situation are intolerable. As peoples, from many different nations, we want you to know that we are aware of the war in Chiapas and of the genocidal policies which the Indigenous peoples of that state are subject to.

Sirs, a just and peaceful resolution to the demands and needs of Mexico's Indigenous peoples is long overdue. The war and disregard for the lives and rights of those peoples has gone on for too long. It is time for the United States and Mexico fulfill its moral and legal commitment to the rights of Indigenous peoples rather than help perpetuate the last 500 years of Native oppression and genocide.

Central to this process must be steps towards a peaceful resolution to the war in Chiapas, including: Demilitarization of the Indigenous communities in Chiapas and other states Immediate enactment of the San Andres Agreements on Indigenous Rights and Culture and a resumption of the dialogue for a just peace with the EZLN Full and immediate compliance with international human rights laws, norms and standards; and full, independent investigations into existing human rights violations President Clinton and President Zedillo, the U.S. and Mexican government should not be complicit in the destruction of Indigenous peoples. The sovereignty and rights of the Mexican and Indigenous peoples in their struggle for democracy and self-determination must be respected. We want you both to know that we support the Zapatistas in their struggle for democracy, liberty, justice and for the rights of Indigenous peoples in Mexico.

The world is watching and awaiting your immediate action and response.

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