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Robert Cherwink (rc@vom.com)
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 16:33:59 -0800

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President Clinton: Veto the bill!!! PROTECT ALL 60,000 acres!

Under the proposed federal Headwaters deal, more trees would fall than under existing law. Anyone who claims that this deal would save the Headwaters Forest ecosystem is perpetrating a fraud.

1. Please contact the following people NOW to demand a VETO! 2. NO MONEY FOR THE CRIMINAL HURWITZ! JAIL Hurwitz! 3. ACTION: Get Maxxam out of public retirement fund! 4. ROSE FOUNDATION SEEKS MAXXAM SHAREHOLDERS TO SPONSOR RESOLUTION

----------------------- 1. Please contact the following people NOW to demand a VETO! -----------------------

President Clinton phone: 202-456-1111 fax: 202-456-2461 email: president@whitehouse.gov

Kathleen A. McGinty, Chair, Council on Environmental Quality phone: 202-456-6224 fax: 202-456-2710

Franklin Raines, Director, Office of Management & Budget phone: 202-395-4840 fax: 202-395-3888

You can make the following points in your message to the administration...

---> Provisions specific to authorization of the Headwaters Forest appropriation could further weaken the Habitat Conservation Planning process, resulting in further damage to ancient redwood forests and dependent wildlife, including endangered and threatened species.

---> Provisions requiring Congress to specifically authorize Land and Water Conservation Fund expenditures will impede future land acquisitions through a cynical and potentially destructive bargaining process similar to the one surrounding this year's Interior bill.

---> The rider calling for elimination of caps on Purchaser Road Credits will continue an environmentally destructive and fiscally irresponsible subsidy of corporate road-building in our publicly-owned National Forests.

---> The rider postponing management reforms to address grazing-related environmental damage on National Forest lands will allow continued degradation of watershed stability, water quality, and aquatic ecosystems throughout the Southwest.

----------------------- 2. NO MONEY FOR THE CRIMINAL HURWITZ! JAIL Hurwitz! -----------------------

Should $250 million of taxpayer money for purchase of the world's largest stand of unprotected ancient redwoods go to Hurwitz?

It is Charles Hurwitz who forced his way into Humboldt County with a hostile takeover, proceeded to ransack and trash the place, and has refused to leave when asked repeatedly by thousands of people.

Anyone, from Humboldt County to the U.S. President, who coddles this man's operation and showers him with offers of millions of taxpayer dollars, renounces any claim to working in the public interest.

JAIL HURWITZ See: http://www.jailhurwitz.com

The reward for info leading to the arrest, conviction and imprisonment of Hurwitz on criminal charges has now been raised to $50,000! No, I'm not kidding. That means cash in your hot little altruistic hands if you can find the dirt that breaks the Hurwitz's back and puts him behind bars.

=95 Texas corporate raider Charles Hurwitz has crashed a savings and loan=20 costing the taxpayers $1.6 billion

=95 With money funneled from the S & L he took over Pacific Lumber Company= and commenced clearcutting the world's largest stand of privately held ancient redwood trees, a national treasure

=95 He raided the Pacific Lumber worker pension fund, removing $55 million from the retired loggers and millworkers' nest egg

=95 He looted the Simplicity Pattern worker pension fund in 1982, reducing= =20 worker benefits by nearly $4000 per year

=95 He has entered into out of court settlements for insurance fraud and securities violations and has seven environmental lawsuits involving illegal logging in the ancient redwood forest of California.=20

----------------------- 3. ACTION: Get Maxxam out of public retirement fund! -----------------------


The $113 billion California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) is the second largest institutional investor in Maxxam Inc., parent company of Pacific Lumber, with 318,400 shares. This September 15, 1997 -- the day marbled murrelet season ends -- the call for divestment will be made to CalPERS' Investment Committee in Sacramento.

Why Should CalPERS sell its Maxxam stock?

--> Pacific Lumber is continuing to log old-growth trees! Over the past six months, the company has filed requests with the CA Dept. of Forestry to log 2,800 acres of ancient redwoods.

--> A former Pacific Lumber Co. timber worker recently filed suit for complaining about unsafe working conditions as a tree faller.

--> In that suit, it stated that workers were intentionally directed to log old-growth trees without proper permits.

CalPERS needs to hear from you!

Contact the following officials and encourage them to sell their Maxxam stock! Tell them that Maxxam is a BAD investment, and you don't want tax-supported public pension funds supporting the clearcutting of our state tree! As a result of pressure from labor, teachers, and the public, the State Teachers' Retirement System sold all of their 71,400 shares of Maxxam in early July -- so we know it can be done!

Dr. William Crist, President CalPERS 400 P St., Rm 3340 Sacramento CA 95814 916-326-3829 | fax: 916-326-3410

Mr. Chuck Valdes, Investment Comm. Chair & CalTrans atty P.O. Box 1438 Sacramento CA 95807 916-654-2630 | fax: 916-441-3240

Matt Fong, Bd Member CA State Treasurer 915 Capitol Mall, Rm 110 Sacramento CA 95814 916-653-2995 | fax: 916-653-3125

Michael Flaherman, Bd Member BART Economist 800 Madison St., Rm. 432 Oakland CA 94607 510-464-6162 | fax: 510-464-7652

----------------------- 4. ROSE FOUNDATION SEEKS MAXXAM SHAREHOLDERS TO SPONSOR RESOLUTION -----------------------

After a successful campaign targeting the California State Teachers Retirement System, which sold its Maxxam stock this summer, the Rose Foundation is continuing to put pressure on other public and organizations holding stock in Maxxam. So far, 19 California labor unions have contacted CalPERS (California Public Employees Retirement System) board members asking them to support a debt-for-nature settlement of the OTS and FDIC lawsuits. Fourteen of these have taken it one step further, asking CalPERS to sell all of its Maxxam stock (if Maxxam refuses debt-for-nature). The Rose Foundation is now seeking shareholders of other funds holding Maxxam stock to sponsor shareholder resolutions to do the same. The following is a partial listing of the funds with Maxxam holdings...

- New York State Common Trust Fund (the public employee's retirement= system) - New York City Public Employee Retirement Funds - Pennsylvania Public Schools Retirement System - Ohio Public Employees Retirement System - Colorado Public Employee Retirement Administration - Aid Association for Lutherans (the Lutheran Pension Fund)

If you are a beneficiary of any of these funds and want to help get your money out of Maxxam, please contact susans@nextgeneration.org or call the Rose Foundation at 510-658-0702.

----------------------- -----------------------

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