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Montreal November 12, 1997


The total debt of Third World to rich countries is over two trillion dollars. Why is the huge discrepancy in wealth between the rich and poor nations increasing? What are the causes of poverty and even misery in the Third World? The Social Justice Committee of Montreal has been helping people understand the roots of this poverty, as well as possible solutions, for the past twenty five years.

Now our organization, in partnership with Concordia University, has developed an exhaustive CD ROM program that explores the links among debt, communities, environment and global institutions. This program provides an accessible and comprehensive overview of the Third World debt problem: its origins, evolution, and the devastating impact it has on so many lives. It includes easy-to-understand narration, stunning images, music, in-depth cases studies, background documents and an action section.

This unique educational and informative guide is currently available at an affordable price of twenty five dollars ($25.00). Your support of this product helps us in continuing our task of education and advocacy.

Cheque and credit card purchases can be made, by contacting the Social Justice Committee of Montreal at 1857 de Maisonneuve West, Montreal Quebec. H3H 1J9

E-mail sjc@web.net Tel: (514) 933 6797 Fax (514) 933 9517

Thank you very much for your support. *****************************************************************

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