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Mercenaries hired by private companies... (from what I hear it doesn't seem to be to unusual these days! and they're receiving your support whether you know it or not!)

"Mercenary Armies and Mineral Wealth"

Covert Action Quarterly, Fall 1997 - (not yet posted to web)


Summer issue is online at ""

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CAQ is the winner of four of the top ten Project Censored stories of 1996 and the Winner of the year's first prize for Top Story, Risking the World: Nuclear Proliferation in Space by Karl Grossman

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COVERT BRIEFS by Terry Allen ------------------------------------------

TURKEY: TRAPPED IN A WEB OF COVERT KILLERS by Ertugrul Kurkcu When a drug dealer, a government official, a neo-fascist, and an ex-beauty queen ended up in the same crashed car, the accident provided graphic evidence of collusion between Turkey's security forces and semi-criminal assassins and of their unity of purpose in targeting both leftists and Turkish Kurds. ------------------------------------------

PRIVATIZING THE HANFORD NUKE: HOW TO CURE AIDS,REINVENT GOVERNMENT, MAKE H-BOMBS, AND $5 BILLION A YEAR by Jeffrey St.Clair & Alexander Cockburn A consortium of shameless Beltway schemers glazed with greed, plot to buy up a polluted nuclear facility and reopen it as a medical mecca.

*available in print only ------------------------------------------

POLICING ACTIVISTS: THINK GLOBAL, SPY LOCAL by Mitzi Waltz Local political spying is on the rise with help from federal agencies pushing cooperative taskforces and giving how-to lessons on circumventing civil liberties safeguards. ------------------------------------------

MAKING TROUBLE, MAKING CHANGE by Kit Gage How activists in San Francisco made a difference and stopped the feds cold.

*available in print only ------------------------------------------

TEXTBOOK REPRESSION: US TRAINING MANUALS DECLASSIFIED by Lisa Haugaard Over decades, the CIA and US military manuals have taught armies around the globe how to infiltrate and spy on civilian groups, forcibly extract information,subvert democracy, and target not only insurgency but also labor unions, student groups, religious, and civic organizations. The paper trail reveals a consistent policy in which the end justifies any means. ------------------------------------------

THE US ARMS BOTH SIDES OF MEXICO'S DRUG WAR by Lora Lumpe Mexican narcotraffickers and other criminals easily obtain their firepower north of the border. Instead of controlling the illicit flow, the Clinton administration is militarizing Mexico's drug war by providing more weapons aid and encouraging the military to take a more active role.

*available in print only ------------------------------------------

DID NSA HELP RUSSIA TARGET DUDAYEV ? by Wayne Madsen Strong evidence suggests that the US, in violation of its ban on assassination, used the world's most sophisticated satellite technology to help Russia target the Chechen leader, and boost both Yeltsin's and Clinton's election chances.

*available in print only ------------------------------------------

NATO MOVES EAST by Andreas Zumach Why did NATO despite predictable problems and complications opt for expansion, and why is it so tenaciously sticking with the plan? The answer involves old rivalries and new arms contracts. *available in print only ------------------------------------------

SPOOKS AND BRASS WORK THE HILL by Jeremy Weir Alderson Call them "fellows" or "detailees," dozens of eager helpers from the defense, corporate, and intelligence establishments are burrowing into Capitol Hill, blurring the lines between the branches of government and raising questions of conflict of interest and separation of powers.

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Off the Shelf: Books of Interest

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