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Wed, 12 Nov 1997 18:00:38 GMT

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original sender: ac@xs4all.nl (Autonoom Centrum)

Amsterdam, the 10th of november 1997

Dear friends,

After waiting so long for the lawyers to decide to start some actions, we are preparing an action. Probably more juridical cases will be starting but we will let you know, if that is the case. The action is primarily directed towards the media. During the following months several reports about the Eurotop will be presented to the public and discussed in politics. We want to make the discussion sharper.

The action The action is a declaration of information on criminal offenses/criminal offenses in function, which will be handed to some officials at the police headquarters in Amsterdam. See for the total declaration the text in one of the following mails.

We are asking several groups in Europe to present this declaration to the Dutch Consulate or Embassy at the same time when we are handing the declaration to an official of the police headquarters in Amsterdam.=20 We have planned the action on the 21th of november 1997 at 12:00 o'clock. We choose the date because the 19th of november there is a press conference of the mayor to present a report about the police conduct and the 25th of november 1997 this report will be discussed in the Amsterdam city council meeting.

Let us know as soon as possible if you join the action and how we can reach you as soon as possible by fax and e-mail.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Autonoom Centrum

We also send you the declaration and around the weekend of the 15th and the 16th of november 1997 we will send out our translated press release!

Still are failing some things to complete the declaration.=20 =46irst of all who is going to hand it over, see top. And nearly at the end if it is us or my clients. And at the botton who is signing.

------------------------ Dutch Consul Dutch Embassador ---------------------------

Concerns: official declaration of information on criminal offences/criminal offences in function.


------------------------------- There are a few option=20 I ....., direct myself to you with the following. or=20 when you have a lawyer who is willing to hand over de declaration. I direct myself to you with the following, on behalf of my clients ..... and ...... or=20 when an organisation is handing over the declaration. I ....., working at the ....., and ..... working at the ..... direct myself (ourselves) to you with the following, on behalf of my clients ...... ------------------------------------

On account of their activities my clients have received information on a large number of criminal offences, committed, probably in cooperation and in unison, by the following persons:

1. J. Vrakking, general public prosecutor of Amsterdam; 2. E. Nordholt, former Chief Commissioner of Police of Amsterdam; 3. S. Patijn, mayor of the City of Amsterdam.

To elucidate the following;

In the night of 15 on 16 June 1997 a large number of people assembled in the Spuistraat in Amsterdam. These persons were of the intention to peacefully demonstrate against the Euro- Summit, which would be held the following days in Amsterdam in particular, and against a great number of arrests of which arrest of other demonstrators against the Euro-Summit in particular. It was the demonstrators intention to walk to the Police Headquarters in Amsterdam and to there make noise in order to support the there residing prisoners. This phenomenon is in Amsterdam known as a "noise-demo". The route of the demonstration was in no way through or past the "security zones where an emergency regulation is in order" instated for the Euro-Summit.

The demonstration, in which about three hundred and fifty people took part, was barely walking, when all demonstrators were encircled by police and riot squad. All demonstrators were further robbed of their freedom and have been held robbed until times, varying from tuesday evening 17 until thursday morning 19 June 1997. The, here as first mentioned, suspect Vrakking declared in the media shortly after the arrests, that the demonstrators were suspected of participating in a criminal organisation, article 140 Dutch penal code.

In a rule nisi, the summary trial at the Court of Amsterdam, asked for by some of the demonstrators that were robbed of their freedom, against the State of the Netherlands (the public prosecutor in Amsterdam) it was shown that the present duress was ordered by, the above-mentioned, Vrakking and in cooperation with, the above-mentioned, Nordholt. Before the robbing of freedom fore mentioned Vrakking has had telephonic contact with the mentioned Patijn, who gave his permission on the duress. The president of the Court of Amsterdam declared in its sentence, passed in summary trial, that the facts and circumstances, produced by Vrakking, which have led to the duress, were insufficient to consider the plaintives in summary trial as suspects in the sense of article 27 Dutch penal code, thus making their arrest unlawful and therefor plaintives should be released immediately. I herby enclose a copy of that sentence. The sentence clearly shows that, not only the plaintives in summary trial, but all arrested demonstrators were unlawfully robbed of their freedom. In spite of this sentence the above-mentioned Vrakking held the other demonstrators, who were robbed of their freedom, in custody unlawfully, varying from one to two days.

In the first place making the demonstration impossible, by use of a very large amount of riot police in combat dress, must be considered as "through violence of threat of violence hindering a permissible public meeting or demonstration", as is made punishable in article 143 Dutch penal code. The demonstrators were of the intention to peacefully declare their objections with the acting of the government around the Euro-Summit, for which no prior admittance is needed. Secondly: by arresting the demonstrators on the suspicion of article 140 penal code, while it is clear that this article in no way can be applied to the demonstrators - as is confirmed by the president of the Court of Amsterdam in the above- mentioned sentence and further, with the dismissal of prosecution, also recognized by the fore mentioned Vrakking - can only be concluded that the fore mentioned Vrakking, Nordholt and Patijn must be considered suspects of intentionally and unlawfully robbing about 350 demonstrators of their freedom. Even if intent can not be proved than at least can be spoken of a situation in which the mentioned suspects have exposed themselves knowingly to a considerable risk that the arrest of the demonstrators would be unlawful. It is striking that most of the duress continued even after the president of the Court of Amsterdam, in summary trial, had sentenced the arrests unlawfully. The conclusion therefor is that the above-mentioned suspects are guilty of unlawful duress, article 282 Dutch penal code.

To provide a widest possible overview of the committed criminal offences I hereby enclose a Euro-Summit Blackbook, which was edited, among others, by=20 ______ us/my clients.=20 _______ The complaints received by the publishers of the Blackbook on police conduct during and around the Euro-Summit are the source out of which the knowledge of=20 ______ us/my clients=20 ______ of these criminal offences has come.

It is apparent that such a serious encroach upon the freedom of speech and assembly, as the above is, can not be left unpunished, let alone be unprosecuted, in a democratic constitutional state. On behalf of my clients I therefor direct myself to you who, on the basis of article 140 Dutch penal code "guards ... for the rightful tracing of criminal offences of which the court is informed", with the expressed request to direct this information to the internal affairs (government investigation service) as an official declaration, and to start an inquest to the above mentioned criminal offences.

It stands without doubt that my clients want to be kept informed about the proceedings of this case. If the decision should be taken not to prosecute the above-mentioned suspects, I request you to inform me so in writing; in that case my clients are already considering to impose a formal complaint ex article 12 Dutch penal code.

I look forward to your reply with interest.

Yours faithfully,

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