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The following text was issued during the VI. Congress of the International of Anarchist Federations (IAF/IFA) in Lyon in November this year. Please help to spread this information by further distributing it. A-Infos Collective in Germany (c/o i-afd_1@anarch.free.de)


*Information* *on the anarchist* *East-West Cooperation*

We would like to inform you about the results of the little East-West conference, which took place during the 6th congress of IAF/IFA - 1st Novembert 1997. Representants of the following organisations met in order to establish a permanent international coordination of anarchists from Eastern and Western Europe:

- Belorussian Anarchist Federation (FAB) - Anarchist Federation of Eastern Ukrainia (AFEU) - Confederation of Revolutionary Anarcho-Syndicalists (KRAS) - active in Russia/Belorussia - Federation of Social Anarchists (FSA) - active in former Czechoslovakia - Initiative for an Anarchist Federation in Germany (I-AFD/IFA) - Bulgarian Anarchist Federation (FAB)

The associating comrades agreed to build up a euro-regional cooperation of anarchists in the Central and Eastern part of our continent. According to the libertarian principles of federalism and mutual aid we want to combine our resources and help each other in one common struggle against all forms of hierarchy and power.

In our coordination we want to concentrate on the practical aspects of the cooperation. Actually we have collected the following topics of major interest, which we want to evaluate in the future:

- in order to exchange propaganda material, media and literature, the associated organizations will prepare lists of their resources, which can be exchanged. So all the material will be available for everybody.

- regarding the fact, that communication by mail within and between our countries is getting more and more inefficient, we will raise the necessary funds to provide especially Eastern groups with electronic means of communication, such as faxes, computers, printer machines etc.

- all participants agreed to promote as soon as possible a public campaign in favour of Belorussian anarchists, fighting the semifascist dictatorship of president Lukashenko.

- we are planning to fully revive the tradition of the annual East-West meetings as usual in the past as practical workshops rather than theoretical conferences. The next one will take place on the territory of former Czechoslovakia in summer 1998.

- we will publish bimonthly, informational bulletins which will cover the practical development of the projects and organizations. The editorial staff of this bulletin will rotate. The first responsible group is the Czechoslovak FSA.

All anarchist groups, especially in the Central Northern and Eastern Europe are invited to join these activities.


*East-West Cooperation* *Addresses*

So far, the followin organisations are participating in the East-West Cooperation:

Ukraine: AFEU - Anarchist Federation of Eastern Ukraine

Ukraine, 244030 Sumy P.B. 132

Belorussia: FAB - Belorussian Anarchist Federation

Yuri Glushakov, FAB c/o Center for Indigenous Anarchists, Belorussian - American Indian Society P.O. BOX 114, Homel 246049, Belorussia

e-mail: FAB@amerind.bsfdr.gomel.by

Russia: KRAS - Confederation of revolutionary Anarcho-Syndicalists

Julia Gusseva 44-71, ulica Niznekrasnasirskaja Moscow, 107066 Russia

Fax.: 7-095-292-65-11 (write there: BOX 8020 for STRUGGLE)

Czechoslovakia: FSA - Federation of Social Anarchists

PO BOX 5, 15006 Praha 56 Czech republic

e-Mail: fsa-praha@usa.net funk@af.czu.cz

Bulgara: FAB - Bulgarian Anarchist Federation

SVOBODNA MISL Sofia, z.k. Mladost-2 pos. klon 1199, pos. kutija 1 Bulgaria

Germany: I-AFD - Initiative for an Anarchist Federation in Germany

I-AFD Hamburg I c/o Soziales Zentrum Ultzburgerstr. 6 22850 Norderstedt Germany

Fax.: +40-4220684 e-mail: i-afd_2@anarch.free.de

Finland - SAL - Finnish Anarchist Federation

PO BOX 102 00801 Helsinki Finland

e-mail: ravelre@dlc.fi

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