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----------------------- HEADWATERS Update 7 Nov (part 2)


6. The Jail Hurwitz Campaign, Environmentally Sound Promotions, The Earth First! Media Center project, and Climate Action NOW!

7. Riggs accused of circulating fake Earth First! flyers; Snip from an article in the Sonoma County Independent


----------------------- 5. OUTRAGED OVER THE TORTURE OF PASSIVE ACTIVISTS WITH PEPPER SPRAY ? -----------------------

Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 02:04:58 -0800 Reply-To: Headwaters@enews.org Sender: owner-headwaters@envirolink.org From: Headwaters News <Headwaters@enews.org> Subject: Make your opinions heard... Pepper spraying was brutal.

H E A D W A T E R S A C T I O N A L E R T N o v e m b e r 4 , 1 9 9 7


Walter Epp compiled the following information. It should help provide a few critical outlets for the many people who have expressed their shock and outrage about the use of pepper spray on nonviolent protesters in an unprecedented show of force and unusual cruelty by Humboldt County Sheriffs. Wrote Walter...


"I am posting this to Usenet, and will leave it up to you to take care of whatever email and paper alerts you want to do. I have not had time to confirm everything below. Email addresses significantly increase the response rate to alerts because they are so much more convenient to use than other channels, but turned out to be time-consuming to obtain (the email server address the clerk gave me was wrong, as were the addresses published on some web sites, the finger server apparently doesn't work, email is apparently only handled during business hours, and the sheriff's email address is evidently not publicly available but I was able to figure it out). I have tried all the Humboldt County email addresses and they went through. The Riggs info is from his web site, and the Eureka info from the city's web site, so these should be reliable. The Sheriff's department phone and mailing address, the Clerk of the Board's phone, and KST phone are confirmed. Other phone numbers I got for the Sheriff but haven't called to check out are: 707-445-7441 and 707-445-7211."

Humboldt County Sheriff Dennis Lewis Sheriff's department 826 4th St., Eureka, CA 95501 707-445-7251 email: dlewis@mail.co.humboldt.ca.us

Humboldt County Supervisors (Bonnie Neely is the chair) [district -- name -- voice mail -- email] 1st -- Stan Dixon -- 707-445-7691 -- sdixon@mail.co.humboldt.ca.us 2nd -- Roger Rodoni -- 707-445-7692 -- rrodoni@mail.co.humboldt.ca.us 3rd -- John Woolley -- 707-445-7693 -- jwoolley@mail.co.humboldt.ca.us 4th -- Bonnie Neely -- 707-445-7694 -- bneely@mail.co.humboldt.ca.us 5th -- Paul Kirk -- 707-445-7695 --(no email)

Humboldt County Supervisors mailing address: Supervisors Chambers Humboldt County Court House 825 Fifth Street, Eureka CA 95501-1153 fax (for all supervisors): 707-445-7299 for more info, call the Clerk of the Board: 707-445-7529

Other Humboldt County officials (use Court House address above): Terry Farmer, District Attorney email: tfarmer@mail.co.humboldt.ca.us Rick Haeg, County Personnel Director email: rhaeg@mail.co.humboldt.ca.us Chris Arnold, County Administrative Officer (from www.com/hpi/cacty/of000186.html)

Humboldt County Human Rights Commission Consists of private citizens appointed by the supervisors. contact: Larry Miller 707-269-2032 (work)


The FBI has launched a criminal investigation of the Humboldt County Sheriff's department. It is unclear how serious they'll be, given that they are already the defendant in a lawsuit over their involvement in the bombing of Earth First! activist Judi Bari, so citizen vigilance and pressure are needed if the investigation is to be vigorous and result in substantive action.

Louis J. Freeh, Director Federal Bureau of Investigation J. Edgar Hoover Building 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W Washington DC 20535-0001 phone: 202-324-3000 email: ljfreeh@fbi.gov or director@fbi.gov

Attorney General Janet Reno Department of Justice 10th Street & Constitution Ave, NW Washington DC 20530 phone: 202-633-2001 email: JR@justice.gov


One of the incidents happened at the Eureka office of Congressman Frank Riggs, who fully supports what the officers did, describing it as appropriate to "protect our way of life," describing the protesters as "terrorists," and claiming the real victims were his office employees.

Representative Frank Riggs U.S. House of Representatives - California 1st District 1714 Longworth House Office Building Washington DC 20515 phone: 202-225-3311 fax: 202-225-3403 email: Repriggs@hr.house.gov

Representative Frank Riggs 710 E Street Eureka CA 95501 phone: 800-481-9724 phone: 707-441-8701 fax: 707-441-8708

For Napa, Fairfield, and Crescent City local offices, see www.house.gov/riggs/contact.htm


One of the incidents happened at the offices of Pacific Lumber in Scotia.

Pacific Lumber Company P.O. Box 565 Scotia CA 95565 phone: 707-764-8888


The Eureka police say they were present at the incident at Riggs' office but did not do it, only Humboldt County officers applied the pepper spray, but if you believe they should answer for their failure to intervene, you may want to contact some of the following.

Arnold L. Millsap, Eureka Chief of Police Capt. Bill Honsal, in charge of field operations Eureka Police Department phone: 707-442-4545 email: eurekapd@northcoast.com http://redwood.northcoast.com/~eurekapd/

The Mayor of the City of Eureka is Nancy Flemming phone: 707-441-4200

Harvey M. Rose, City Manager of Eureka 531 K Street Eureka CA 95501 voice: 707-441-4144 fax: 707-441-4138 (from

The City Council members are: Ward 1: Maxine Hunter Meeks, 707-441-4169 Ward 2: Jim Gupton, 707-441-4168 Ward 3: Jack McKellar, 707-441-4170 Ward 4: Frank Jager, 707-441-4167 Ward 5: Lance Madsen, 707-441-4171 A message can be left for the mayor or council with their office assistant, Kathleen Devita, 707-441-4172 address mail to: City Council, 531 K Street Eureka CA 95501 (from

Eureka City Personnel Board "...hears appeals submitted by any person relative to conditions of employment, disciplinary action, dismissal, demotion, suspension or alleged violations of Personnel Rules and Regulations for the City of Eureka. They may recommend policies regarding the administration of personnel to the Council or City Staff." contact: Susan Christie, 707-441-4127 (from


Miscellaneous media...

Eureka Times-Standard Attn: Letters To The Editor 930 Sixth Street Eureka CA 95501-1112 phone: 707-441-0500 fax: 707-441-0501 no email (from www.friendcalib.org/humboldt-friends/ may97)

Alan Stock talk show, 6 to 9 AM on KST/KSTE Radio 650 AM in the Sacramento area email: alan@netdex.com listener dialog website: http://netdex.com/wwwboard.1/ Host Alan Stock is filled with venom for Earth First!, calling them terrorists, nazis, fascists, and jackasses, claiming they have spiked trees within the last six months, they advocate cutting the hydraulic lines of trucks so the drivers will be killed, they support Unabomber Kaczinsky, etc., etc.

Programming Director Ken Kohl KST Radio 650 AM 10910 Olson Dr. Rancho Cordova CA 95670 phone: 916-858-1578 fax: 916-858-1588 no web, no email

The Michael Reagan radio talk show (www.reagan.com), carried on KSFO AM 560 (www.ksfo560.com) in the San Francisco area and other stations, also brands Headwaters activists as eco-terrorists etc.


Points you might consider making...

Under the American system of government, those who flaunt such brazen contempt for the highest law of the land, which specifically outlaws cruel and unusual punishment, will be expelled and brought to justice. Under a regime like that of Iraq's Saddam Hussein, cooking up crack-pot schemes of chemical torture would be welcomed and rewarded. Which system is Humboldt County going to demonstrate it operates under by its actions in dealing with its officers' abuse of pepper spray? What the Humboldt County officers did was infinitely more vicious, violent, and criminal than anything the protestors did. One of the protesters had asthma. When the officers were warned that pepper spray could result in her death, they jeeringly disregarded it. In other words they threatened to commit murder. It is Charles Hurwitz who forced his way into Humboldt County with a hostile takeover, proceeded to ransack and trash the place, and has refused to leave when asked repeatedly by thousands of people. Anyone, from Humboldt County to the U.S. President, who coddles this man's operation and showers him with offers of millions of taxpayer dollars, renounces any claim to working in the public interest. Under the proposed federal Headwaters deal, more trees would fall than under existing law. Anyone who claims that this deal would save the Headwaters Forest ecosystem is perpetrating a fraud.

For details on the three incidents where Humboldt County (CA) sheriff's officers forced concentrated liquid pepper spray into the eyes of nonviolent protesters, see www.humguide.com which has links to online newspaper articles.

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----------------------- 6. The Jail Hurwitz Campaign, Environmentally Sound Promotions, The Earth First! Media Center project, and Climate Action NOW! -----------------------

Part of a note I just received from Andy Caffrey:

I'm moving to Humboldt County to work with Darryl Cherney at his nonprofit org., Environmentally Sound Promotions. I am the new director of the Jail Hurwitz campaign and will be taking over the web site management at


The reward for info leading to the arrest, conviction and imprisonment of Hurwitz on criminal charges has now been raised to $50,000! No, I'm not kidding. That means cash in your hot little altruistic hands if you can find the dirt that breaks the Hurwitz's back and puts him behind bars.

I will still continue to expand the organizing projects of Climate Action NOW!, and to add much new material to the CAN! web site in the coming weeks (Articles on Global Warming as the primary cause of the new El Nino "climate regime," El Nino and the hantavirus threat, Antarctic ice shelf disintegration and the very real potential for catastrophic sea level changes, rebuttals to the climate liars (they're coming out of the woodwork now!), why capitalism inherently *can not* respond to the climate crisis, what forest activists need to know about global warming, and more).

I'm just now finishing up a categorized bibliography of reference articles (over 1,000!) which will also be posted on the web, and hopefully, we'll get our climatecrisis listserv up and running very soon. Please let me know if you want to be on our climate e-mail list (which is different from the listserv-this is just an alerts and info "output" list, not a discussion list).

And the Earth First! Media Center project will be expanding soon as well. If you need to get the word out on some ecoactivist emergency or pending disaster, send me an e-mail, and I'll get it out widely to the movement. Also, if you are looking for references, contact people, etc., let me know, and I'll be happy to help you connect with what you need.

Thanks for all your great work, and keep in touch. And all of these projects, BTW, can use money right now if you want to get involved in supporting them. You can send checks to the address below, made out to Climate Action NOW! or Earth First! If you want a tax deduction, contact me about it. If you want to help out in some other way, we can really use that kind of assistance too.

Andy Caffrey

PS If you have a moment, why don't you dip a few Q-tips in Tabasco sauce, then in pepper, and send them off to Clinton/Gore/Reno/Feinstein/Wilson/Humboldt Sheriffs etc.? Is this the radical new escalation of violence against protest in America? Torture?!?!!! Will we turn our backs and tolerate this heinous behavior? Or will we stop it before these police-state tactics become standard practice across the land?

And while you're at it, please let Clinton & Gore know immediately, and in the strongest terms, that you don't want a policy of "accommodation" to climate change, but rather, that you *insist* on a policy of "preventing" climate change, no matter what the cost is to the corporations, and especially to the auto/oil/mining conglomerates! Please send me a copy of your letter. I have a sample letter I'd be happy to send to you if you want to see it first.

If not now, when? If not us, who then?

Andy Caffrey, Jail Hurwitz! campaign Environmentally Sound Promotions P.O. Box 2254, Redway, CA 95569 707/923-4949 ensopro@asis.com http://www.jailhurwitz.com

Climate Action NOW!: http://www.imaja.com/change/can/can.html

"If things get any worse than this, we'll have to do something" "They say the world is run by those who show up"

----------------------- 7. Riggs accused of circulating fake Earth First! flyers; Snip from an article in the Sonoma County Independent -----------------------

6 -12):

Darryl Cherney, spokesman for Earth First!, is outraged. He accuses Rep. Frank Riggs, R-Windsor, of dirty tricks after Riggs this week circulated flyers, attributed to Earth First!, that claim the environmentalists' agenda includes supporting the Unabomber, vandalizing private property, and confiscating private land. A furious Cherney says the fake flier has been in circulation for a month and contains "completely erroneous information." Cherney claims Riggs is "sending out phony press releases to incite violence against Earth First! [Riggs] is clearly engaged in slander," steams Cherney. "There's a real possiblility we'll file a lawsuit. Neither Riggs nor his aides returned phone calls for clarification after they faxed the so-called fake flyer to the Independent on Tuesday... ..[snip]..

----------------------- -----------------------

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