(en) kristal natt and anti-schengen demo

kurt svensson (ksvensson@hotmail.com)
Sun, 09 Nov 1997 08:18:08 PST

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9 november 1997 stockholm

kristal natt and anti-schengen demonstration

250 anarchists and left activists demonstrated in central stockholm today in memory of the happenings of 9 november 1938 when german nazis attacked jewish property throughout the third reich. the demonstration was also a protest against the proposed swedish ratification of the schengen treaty which will be a blow against both immigrants and refugees as well as radical social groups. the aspect of increased police registration of people was particularly high on the political agenda after this summers occurrences in Amsterdam during the EU ROT OP. inspite of this, visible police presence was minimal and no fascists (other than those in blue uniforms) were observed in the area. the demonstration ended in front of the immigration ministry where various speeches were held. as a eerie reminder of what the day stood for, swedish fascists had crushed the windows of the homosexual association, rfsl, offices in stockholm sometime in the night.

inga fascister på våra gator! nej till schengen-avtalet!

-för revolution i vår livstid- ksvensson@hotmail.com

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