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Ilan shalif (gshalif@netvision.net.il)
Sun, 09 Nov 1997 00:02:13 +0200

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Hundreds thousands demonstration - for what

To night. In Tel-Aviv municipality square. Few hundred thousands people are demonstrating on the two years commemoration day for the late general and prime minister Ytshak Rabin.

The demonstration is under the peace flag. But, is it really so?

Israel is a settler colonialist entity. It is the kind of colonialism of north America (now USA and Canada) Australia and parts of central and South America who settled there instead of the indigenous people. It differs significantly from the "regular" colonialism which "only" wanted to suppress and exploit the "natives".

In Israel, the consensus is still for settlers colonialism. Only small fraction of few percents of the Jewish population are for the end of using military force to keep occupied territories.

The main splits in Israel are about which kind of compromise to do with the palestinians - whose dominant PLO leadership is willing to compromise ALL parts of occupied territories of the 1948 war and PARTS of the 1967 war.

The national Religious party and supporters (10% of the population) wish to keep ALL the 1967 "fruits" and willing to pay with lots of blood for this. The extreme religious sects 15% wish to keep it all... but more willing to compromise. A mass of 30% are supporters of populist parties with various shades of chauvinism - who treat "Oslo peace agreement" as giving too much back to the palestinians.

The pro capitalist party of the late assassinated prime minister pretending to be "social democrats" (about 35% of the population) are "willing" to give in and return back the occupied south of syria, most (but not all) of the 1967 occupied territories and refusing to stop colonizing the Palestinian parts of Jerusalem with its 150 thousands Palestinian dwellers.

Even the majority of the so called leftist-radical Merets party (less than 10% of the Jewish population) is against the giving back of Palestinian Jerusalem (however a big minority of this party is willing to compromise).

So, no reason to be too optimistic when the newspapers will announce tomorrow about the demonstration of few hundred thousands of people in Tel-Aviv for peace. We, the internationalists of the extreme left and the few real liberals - who are for the end of occupation and other aspects of settler colonialism were a small minority in this demonstration.

Few "kind" words must be added: Many of the demonstrators were willing to read the leaflets of the real opposition. We distributed thousands of leaflets against the settlers colonialism and thousands leaflets who demand freedom to Vanunu - the Israelian whistle blower for nuclear disarmament ... and no one of the demonstrators or organizers protested.

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