(en) Italian Repression: translation of letter by Guido Mantelli

Ilan shalif (gshalif@netvision.net.il)
Wed, 05 Nov 1997 03:45:17 +0200

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What follows is poorly translated version of a letter by two jailed anarchists. It was first circulated prior to the initial day of the subversive association trial on October 20, 1997.

To all comrades:

In anticipation of the trial that is begining the end of October in Rome and that we are defendants in, along with several other comrades accused, of belonging to a group called "O.R.A.I" (or any other name the prosecutors decide to give us from time to time) we feel it is important to make public some of our thoughts. It is certainly not our intention to waste time trying to explain to judges and cops what anarchism means to us. Or the reasons behind our anti-authoritarian thoughts and actions. In regards to the accusations for which we are being tried, let's not waste time, this group does not exist. Let this be clear in case of our eventual use of certain instruments or organizational techniques, seeing as, and we will never tire of saying it, we believe it is a natural consequence of our desire for freedom that we search and employ experimentation of method, of ways, arms, relationships and structures that will give us results in our revolutionary fight.

Organizations with dull names as "O.R.A.I." can only exist in the stuffy thoughts of men of power. Taking this into consideration, we believe the trial is nothing more than a political trial, who's result is not played out in the court room, but rather in the battle between the interest of power and the efficient answer of all our comrades inside of jails as well as out, to these manoeuvers of repression.

In light of the type of justice and the political reasons of this trial we can expect, as in many other instances, even recent ones (the Silocchi trial) that we will be jailed. Even though the attorneys will try and denounce the accusations. But, seeing as not all the comrades find themselves with the same conclusions, and begining with the arrests in September of 96, we don't think it has been possible to find ourselves in a collective position to confront the situation that has occured (something that we would have preferred) it seems we must express our position in light of the eventual legal defense that will represent us in court.

By our request, the lawyers can only be usefull when it comes to getting dates and judiciary information and the with the presentation of motions and other resources which the state allows only to specialized persons, such as attorneys. We certainly cannot count on them to believe in our political position or to guarantee a favorable verdict. Therefore being that it is technically impossible to discuss with attorneys the technical aspects, and not wanting to delegate, without the possibility of giving control to an operator in the sector of absolute authority to decide what would be in our best interests, we ask that through the committee of defense, in agreement with our comrades and relatives, that we keep the lawyers updated in case of eventual recourse and appeal which could be favorable to the situation of the defendants.

Therefore no "individualized" treatment and no effort to give the courts any interpretations by an attorney about our ways, methods and manner of thought.

We believe the celebration of the other trial, which can only represent one of the many mobilizations against the repressive attack of which we are the object. A momentary fight to be divulged outside the courts with an initiative of solidarity to the indicted comrades and with criticism of the democratic regime.

It is in this atmosphere, in the times of the fight, that we really decide our fate. To all our comrades our strongest revolutionary hugs.

P.S. We would like this to, in one way or another, circulate as much as possible amongst all the people involved in the mobilization against the frame up construed by Marini.


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