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Jonathan Oppenheim (oppenh@black-hole.physics.ubc.ca)
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 15:16:42 -0800 (PST)

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Vancouver - Please post and distribute widely


APEC Leaders' Summit. We are urging groups and individuals to come to the University of British Columbia, the site of the Leader's Summit, and help us reclaim the campus. Camp-out in DemoVille (a.k.a. Democracy Village). Bring a sleeping bag, rain jacket, and a tent if you have one. The village is part of an effort to make it impossible to hold the Leaders' Summit on campus. The 18 leaders will arrive to find us camping on the doorstep of the meeting site!

Construction of DemoVille Nov. 17th 7:30am Pancake breakfast to kick-off the construction of out tent city. DemoVille will be built in front of the SUB, at UBC, but who knows where it will end up... Groups are encouraged to set up a tent in support. During the week, participants in the siege can look forward to civil disobedience workshops, civil disobedience, music, rain, cook-outs, campfires, and much more.

ROCK against APEC Nov. 21st 7:30pm Rock-out on the edge of the security zone, at the end of Main Mall, overlooking the rose garden. Come for the concert, stay for the siege.

Free University Nov. 24th A campus-wide/city-wide walkout of classes accompanied by a teach-in / speak-out. All day, everywhere. Reclaim the campus! Tuum est.

Crash the Summit Nov. 25th 9:00am Gather at the Goddess of Democracy in front of the SUB for a Refuse APEC festival. Music, street theatre, puppets, dance, civil disobedience preparation, and a few speeches. Bring a noise-maker. 11:00am March on the Summit! 3:30pm No! to APEC rally at Oppenheimer park. There will be buses to take you there.

Don't forget to leave extra-early or bike. Traffic and parking are gonna be a nightmare. Better yet, sleep over the night before.


APEC is a grouping of 18 nations which aim to impose a "free-trade" zone in the Asia-Pacific region. It's not really "free trade," of course, but the forced changing of rules to benefit corporations at the expense of people and the environment. APEC-Alert is a grassroots group of students, alumni, faculty and staff supporters who are opposed to the APEC agenda. We are currently engaged in a campaign called "REFUSE APEC" which involves debates, forums, speakers, films, street theatre and non-violent direct action.

For more information, contact APEC-Alert at (604) 251-9914 or alert@netinfo.ubc.ca.

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