(en) Protest Hyundai at auto shows

Shawn Ewald (shawn@wilshire.net)
Sun, 2 Nov 1997 12:39:37 -0700

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Auto shows are a good opportunity to put leaflets into the hands of thousands of potential Hyundai buyers. Protests at auto shows also might have the potential for higher media visibility than leafleting at dealerships. Call the contact numbers listed below to verify whether Hyundai will have a presence at the show in your city. You might want to consider leafleting at these shows, regardless. These venues might inspire some of you to use your creativity in planning your action. But remember: Don't alienate the potential car buyers whom we are trying to reach with our message about Hyundai and Han Young.

You might want to include the following in your local leaflets:

Hyundai is worst on "LEMON LIST"

The Hyundai company shows no more regard for its automobile customers than it does for its workers in Tijuana: "Hyundai owners are more likely to end up in lemon-law arbitration than owners of other cars, according to an analysis of arbitration records conducted by two consumer organizations. Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety and the California Public Research Group said one of every 82 new Hyundai cars purchased in California in 1996 was involved in a warranty dispute that led to arbitration." (Los Angeles Times, August 6, 1997)

Also reporting on the findings of these two consumer groups, the Orange County Register noted their conclusion that "Hyundai gives California car buyers the most sour treatment of any auto manufacturer..."

Car Show VENUES:

Atlantic City, NJ: November 1-9; Convention Center; (800) 345-1487. Boston: November 1-9; Bayside Expo Center; (617) 630-2260. Seattle: November 5-9; Kingdome; (206) 542-3551. Sacramento: November 6-9; Convention Center; (617) 630-2260. New Haven: November 7-9; Coliseum; (516) 724-4000. Miami Beach: Nov. 7-16; Convention Center; (305) 947-5950. Worcester, MA: November 20-23; Centrum Centre; (508) 836-2222. San Antonio: November 20-23; Convention Center; (210) 732-9647. Hartford, CT: November 21-23; Civic Center; (860) 246-6566. Virginia Beach, VA: November 21-23; Convention Center; (800) 345-1487. Anaheim, CA: November 22-30; Convention Center; (800) 345-1487. Phoenix: November 26-30; Civic Plaza; (800) 345-1487. Orlando, FL: December 3-7; Convention Center; (800) 345-1487. Washington, DC: December 26-January 3; Convention Center; (301) 670-1110. Indianapolis: December 27-January 4; Convention Center; (317) 266-8455.

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