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No Confidence UK (noconuk@borve.demon.co.uk)
Sun, 2 Nov 1997 14:22:08 +0000

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HELP FIGHT THE UK USENET COMMITTEE - VOTING HAS NOW STARTED -----------------------------------------------------------

After much delay, voting has started on the Vote of Confidence in the UK Usenet Committee.

This is the body that manages the part of Usenet beginning with the letters 'uk.' Basically it has been treating the whole space as its private property and has been obstructing members of the community who want to create new groups.

We need your help - please help kick this Committee out of power.

ANYONE CAN VOTE - all you need is an e-mail address.

The No Confidence Campaign has a website at:


which includes full information.

We envisage two possible reaons why radicals and anarchists might not wish to vote against the committee.

1) Voting is a load of crap.

Yes, we know that. As we said before,

"A victory for NO in the [...] Vote of Confidence will almost certainly lead all the elected members to resign. There will then be new elections to all 9 elected posts. The No Confidence campaign will cease to exist at its moment of victory, so obviously we will not be fielding candidates. It does not seek to be an 'alternative cabal'. However, we do seek to take part in a movement of community activism, and we see this vote as an important way to help create such a movement. We are not 'vote heads but we relish the chance to use the voting system in a way for which it was NOT designed: namely, to stick one on the arrogant bullies who sit on the Committee. If the result is NO, hopefully the new Committee will be in a weaker position relative to the community than the present one is. For two reasons: first, the new members will know that they can face a confidence vote if they go too far; and second, the community will hae greater confidence [...]"

2) The voting system is quite confusing.

Yes it is. Please do not be put off, however, Don't hesitate to contact the No Confidence Campaign if you have any problems,


Joan F Coordinator Campaign for No Confidence in the UK Usenet Committee noconuk@hotmail.com

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