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From: LabourNet <chrisbailey@gn.apc.org> Subject: Liverpool dockers picket Dublin

Sacked Liverpool dockers picket Mersey Docks vessels in Dublin

Traffic in and out of the Port of Dublin came to a standstill from 6 a.m. on Tuesday 28 October as sacked Liverpool dockers blockaded the main entrance.

Heavy goods vehicles piled up in a long tailback as 70 Liverpool men joined Dublin colleagues at the gates to leaflet drivers. When the Gardai arrived around 7 a.m. the men began to circle the roundabout, causing further disruption to traffic before marching to the Coastal Container terminal where number of employees came out to join them and all work stopped for 30 minutes.

Dublin handles more Liverpool ships than any other port in the world, including frequent services on Coastal Container Line which is 100% owned by Mersey Docks and Harbour Company and also serves Belfast, Greenock, and Cardiff.

At the Irish Ferries berth, dockers refused all work on the "Coastal Bay", a Coastal Container vessel owned by Jungerhans. The men are members of the Irish union SIPTU.

Lloyd's List quotes the Dublin chief executive Enda Connellan as stating "I regret any disruption caused to my customers. Why do people think that what they cannot do at home, they can go to another country and do?"

Mick Corcoran, Branch Secretary for the Deep Sea dockers section of the Marine Port and General Workers Union, declared on Tuesday "Today's action is very effective. There's a vessel full of Japanese cars which is now delayed. Our employers would love to impose the cheap labour system currently operating on Coastal and Pandoro (P&O) trade in Liverpool. What's happening there is a threat to all dockworkers, including ourselves."

Michael O'Reilly, the incoming ATGWU Regional Secretary for the Republic of Ireland said his members were "trying to show our solidarity and continue a long association with the Liverpool dispute. We are seeking the support of our colleagues from other unions in the Port of Dublin".

The Regional Committee of the Amalgamated Transport and General Workers Union in Dublin has written to TGWU General Secretary Bill Morris asking that he formally request international support for the Liverpool dispute, despite difficulties facing the union in the UK.

On 8 September, ATGWU members in Belfast imposed 5 hour delays on 3 Coastal Container ships as part of an international action to support the sacked Liverpool dockers.

LabourNet report by Greg Dropkin

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