(en) Apology from a-infos collective

Andrew Flood (andrewflood@geocities.com)
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 23:21:13 +0000

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--- Apology from a-infos collective ---

Those of us providing the a-infos service try and screen the news we put out to prevent the service being used by forces opposed to anarchism. So we don't carry fascist or supremacist postings unless we believe by doing so we will damage those forces (by publicising secret documents etc).

However we are all volunteers here and over worked, so sometimes such posts will get through. This happened in the case of (en) [Fwd: UN: Unionists play the numbers game... :)] sent by Tomas O`Colleain on 23 October. This was is a bit of supremacist crowing over the 'success' of the Unionist parties in continuing to exclude elected Sinn Fein councillors from positions on bodies outside Belfast council in Ireland. It also describes anti-unionist areas of Belfast as "inhabited by belligerent and hostile people intent on the destruction of civilised society".

The article is currently in the archive at http://www.tao.ca/ainfos/A-Infos/0194.html

Unionism/Loyalism is a reactionary ideology in all its forms including those that try to appear socialist. It serves only to maintain sectarianism and Protestant privilege and protect the interests of the British and northern ruling classes. Our policy in general would be not to approve such articles for the mailing list, in this case we made a mistake and therefore apologise. The A-Infos-Org Collective

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