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Hyundai Boycott - Q&A Update: October 28, 1997

The Hyundai boycott has gotten off to an energetic start. Thanks to all of you who carried out leafleting actions or who plan to do so.

1) Has the AFL-CIO endorsed the Hyundai boycott?

U.S. law places many constraints on union activity and specifically forbids secondary boycotts. The AFL-CIO is completely supportive of the Han Young workers' struggle and is playing an important role in getting Congressional support for the workers' cause. While there are unlikely to be any official statements from the DC offices and there may not be any memos passed down through AFL-CIO structures, no one should have any doubts about organized labor's support for the efforts to win justice for these workers.

(Some of you who have been following the Oregon farm workers struggle know that their union has organized a primary boycott against FLAV-R-PAC and a secondary boycott against Gardenburger. Because farm workers fall outside much of the protection afforded other segments of U.S. labor, they also are free of the constraint against secondary boycotts.)

2) Can union members take part in leafleting actions at Hyundai dealerships?

Yes! The Supreme Court has ruled that union members can take part in peaceful informational leafleting in a secondary boycott as long as there are no picket signs present (case: Debartelo 108 Supreme Court 1392). We therefore urge all local coalitions only to pass out leaflets and not to carry picket signs, to avoid problems for union members who wish to participate.

Anyone, union member or not, who takes part in informational leafleting could potentially face legal action in the form of nuisance suits. While there never can be a guarantee that anyone exercising their First Amendment rights on public property will be immune to legal difficulties, it is unlikely that such suits would hold up to a court challenge.

3) Has the Mexican elections board certified the results of the October 6 union election at Han Young?

No! The elections board has 30 days in which to certify the October 6 election. So far, the board has done next to nothing. In a token gesture of activity, on Friday, October 24, the board rejected objections by the government union (CROC) to votes cast by two supporters of the independent union, STIMAHCS. The board also agreed to accept objections to 25 votes cast in support of the CROC by persons not legally qualified to vote. (Accepting the objections does not necessarily mean that the elections board will disqualify those votes.)

4) Are there any other developments?

Representative Bonior is circulating a sign-on letter - to Hyundai Motors, with support from Reps. Gephardt, DeFazio and Sanders. Some of these Representatives met this past weekend with four welders from Han Young and the Tijuana organizer for STIMAHCS. The Congresspeople were moved and impressed by the testimony of these workers. The meeting was arranged by the AFL-CIO.

During the weekend being Friday, October 24, activists in upwards of 20 communities organized leafleting at Hyundai Motors dealerships in support of the boycott.

5) How can we promote this struggle?

There is another national day of action on Saturday, November 1. Please try to organize leafleting on that day and on subsequent dates which meet the needs of your local committee. The Hyundai action packet also has other suggestions for how to support the boycott.

PLEASE let us know about any activities you have planned in support of this boycott. After any such activities, PLEASE send a report to Campaign for Labor Rights.

Funds to support the illegally fired Han Young workers, the Han Young organizing drive and the nation-wide support campaign can be sent directly to the Support Committee for Maquiladora Workers, Craftsmen Hall, 3909 Centre Street, #210, San Diego, CA 92103. Make checks out to the SCMW, earmarked for "HY workers."

"Boycott Hyundai!" bumper stickers will be available next week. Order yours today! $1.00 each or 10 for $6.00 (add $2.50 shipping/handling per order). Order from: Labor/Community Alliance P.O. Box 5077, Fresno Ca 93755.

6) How can we stay informed about events?

The Support Committee for Maquiladora Workers has produced a Hyundai action packet. To receive a copy, contact Campaign for Labor Rights at CLR@igc.apc.org or (541) 344-5410. To receive Hyundai alerts directly by email, send a message to CLR@igc.apc.org and ask to be placed specifically on our Hyundai list or, if you would also like information on other anti-sweatshop campaigns, ask to be added to our All Campaigns list.

Local activists: Please direct inquiries to Campaign for Labor Rights at CLR@igc.apc.org or (541) 344-5410 so that the Support Committee for Maquiladora Workers does not become swamped with calls and emails.

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