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*This is something I think everyone needs to know about. This program is offered free to cities that qualify, soon it will be everywhere. This will affect everyone. I'm sure you can imagine. Any ideas on what to do about it?*

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>Subject: MI cops develop high tech surveillance of all residents
> In Oakland County: Databases let cops zoom in on homes
>If Oakland County residents start feeling like Big Brother is
>watching over them and their homes in the next year or so, they'll
>probably be right.
>But no one's snooping. It's for their own protection.
>Already, police know such vital information as how many registered
>guns are in your home, the layout of your property and any criminal
>history involving the property or its occupants. Soon, officers also
>will have a computerized photograph of your home and an aerial
>picture that can be zoomed in close enough to see the shingles on
>your roof. The police may even know where you watch TV.
>Such information will be charted by Oakland's technologically
>enhanced computer-assisted dispatching system in a program called
>CLEMIS (Courts & Law Enforcement Management Information Systems).
>The new system's computer software -- which is costing Oakland
>between $4 million and $5 million to develop -- is free to police
>departments that already have the computer equipment needed to
>maintain such a complicated program.
>Farmington Hills Police Chief Bill Dwyer said his department is
>almost ready to hook in to the new CLEMIS because an overhaul of his
>department's computer technology is nearly complete.
>"We'll be able to start this up with minimal costs," he said. "The
>new software will be easily interfaced with our current system."
>Dwyer said he was most excited by the program's capacity to maintain
>a database of mug shots. With access to these mug shots on laptop
>computers in their squad cars, officers can determine if a suspect is
>who he says he is and whether he's had prior run-ins with the law.
>Jackie Nyovich, the CLEMIS project supervisor, said computer-
>assisted dispatching is not only handy for bigger police forces such
>as Pontiac, Southfield and Farmington Hills, but also for smaller
>ones such as Keego Harbor.
>"Every agency will be loading their crime data into the database,"
>she said.
>Some smaller departments though haven't signed on yet to the computer-
>assisted dispatching system. Although they will contribute their
>crime data to the program, Rochester police, for instance, find their
>crime data manageable without access to CLEMIS statistics, officials
>"(But) we're open to see what's available," said Rochester Sgt. Mike
>Also with the new CLEMIS:
>Officers will be able to type up and print out traffic tickets from
>their laptops. The information is immediately downloaded into a
>database, eliminating additional paperwork back at the station.
>A computerized map inside police cruisers will enable officers to
>view their vehicle as it approaches the crime scene.
>Cellular phone emergency 9-1-1 calls can soon be traced to within
>feet of where the call came from. In 1998, cellular phone companies
>will be mandated to provide a tracking system for their phones and 9-
>1-1 calls.
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