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Radio Station: Voice of Free Nigeria (VoFN) 11.715 kHz, every Saturday at 1900Hrs GMT (8:OOpm Nigerian Time)

Nigeria; Nazi Germany of the 90s - Ibrahim H. Muhammed

For Immediate Release (Please distribute widely)

Voice of Free Nigeria (VoFN) Changes Broadcast Frequency

Contact: Nasiru Ikharo at +1(317)216-4590 or PR@FreeNigeria.org

Monday, October 27, 1997

The Voice of Free Nigeria(VoFN), the Radio Station of the Free Nigeria Movement (FNM) is changing its broadcast frequency from 11.680 kHz to 11.715 kHz effective from Saturday, November 1st, 1997.

The VoFN is the radio station which serves primarily as a direct link of communication between the FNM and the people of Nigeria.

The broadcast time shall remain at 8pm-9pm Nigerian Time (1900Hrs-2000Hrs GMT) every Saturday evening.

The VoFN serves as a source of information, education, and entertainment to the people of Nigeria in particular, and the people of the world in general. It deals with matters pertaining to Nigeria of the past, present and the future [as envisioned by the FNM].

The FNM is a grassroots based global mass movement, working for the restoration of total freedom to Nigeria and its people, with a membership base composed of both Nigerians and friends of Nigeria.

For more information on the Free Nigeria Movement, or the Voice of Free Nigeria, please visit the website of the FNM at http://www.FreeNigeria.org or call FNM at +1 (317)216-4590 or write us at the address above.

Long live Freedom, Long live the Voice of Free Nigeria, Long live the Free Nigeria Movement, Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

On behalf of the Free Nigeria Movement:

Nasiru Ikharo,

National Information Secretary, FNM

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