(en) Anti-Authoritarian School to be closed?

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27 Oct 1997 16:53:00 +0200

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The following piece is a translation of short report published today, monday the 27th. of October in the german "tageszeitung" (the daily paper - a fairly liberal paper close to the german GREEN Party):


*The End for Reformschool?* The british government sees lack of performance in anti-authoritarian Project

London (AFP) - The famous british reformschool Summerhill near Leiston is in danger of being closed down by the government of New Labour. The newspaper The Observer reported yesterday, that in a letter to the schools director Zoe Redhead, the daughter of Summerhills founder A.S. Neill, the department of education had pointed out that the pupils did meet the "minimum requirements" in english and mathematics. Redhead replied that the Summerhil-concept of an education free of repression meant that younger children would not visit classes on nice days. "If something interesting is happening in the woods, we have no chance." However, the results of older pupils in exams were satisfying. She also declared that she would be willing to change the present arrangement, to refrain from authority and coercion and leave the children the greatest possible freedom, if the teachers and pupils should democratically decide to do this.

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