(en) Black Panther Collective's "Step's to dealing with the pigs."

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What to do when you are stopped and harassed by the pigs...

1. Stay calm.

2. Be very cool and be aware.

3. Do not run or walk away and especially, never give a pig your back (they're known to shoot people in the back).

4. Give your name and address only if you're asked to, but remember you don't need to say anything more. The less you say the better off you are.

5. It's illegal for the pigs to search you if you're not under arrest.

6. These are the tactics you should use while you try to determine what the best approach is:

Try to Remember Physical Description

a. Badge numbers and/or names. b. License plate numbers. c. Number on sides and/or backs of police cars.

Ask Bystanders to Stand at a Discreet Distance and Observe

a. The Police do not like the general public seeing them act like pigs. b. People have a right to stand at a reasonable distance and observe the pigs as long as you do not interfere.

For those people who whitness the encounter it is extremely important that you very discreetly take down badge numbers, names, plates, and physical descriptons.


Once you are told that you are arrested, only give your name, address, parent's and employer's naem, and address and telephone. This information is needed in setting bail.

You have a right to remain silent. Only say, "I want to talk to a lawyer." If the pigs continue to question you do not answer. *Do not* talk to the pigs, or speak on a video tape or to a district attorney about anything. Remember you're dealing with pigs, who's job is to break you

If you are under 16 years of age the pigs have to notify your parents (it's your right, it's the law).

You will be handcuffed searched, photographed, and finger-printed.

You have a right to make one phone call to your family, lawyer, or organization (remember the phone you will be using will be tapped).

Try to get the names and badge numbers of the pigs who arrested you or deal with you in the police station (this information is your right).


1. Write down officers' names, badge numbers, and car number (you have a right to ask their identity).

2. Write down the time, date, and place of the incident.

3. Get the names of witnesses, and how to contact them.

4. If possible, photograph or video the incident (pigs hate cameras).

5. Get a name of a relative to contact if the person is arrested.

6. Ask the pigs if the person is being arrested, on what charge where are they being taken.


Since the question of police abuse is a community issue it is in the interest of the community to prepare for the ever increasing incidents of police brutality and wrongful death.

1. Institute a rapid response team that includes, doctors and lawyers who will respond quickly in these emergencies, journalists who will come out to the scene and report these incidents as soon as they occur, and independent experts such as pathologists and investigators.

2. The community/organization must fund raise in order to have money for services needed to assist those families and individuals who may not have the means to pay for such services.

We must Not Go to the Enemy for Funds or Help

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