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Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 14:56:50 +0100 (BST) From: "kevin.brandstatter" <kevin.brandstatter@bbsrc.ac.uk> Subject: Romanies, Dover and the IWW

Within the last two weeks families of Romany people have arrived in Dover fleeing persecution and physical assualt in the Czech republic and Slovakia.

The persecution has included the chilling withdrawal of child benefit to Romany families in Slovakia tp "curb the reproduction of socially unacceptable people"

In the last 4 years 17 Romany people have been murdered and in Slovakia a man was covered in petrol and burned alive.

Belieiving that they would find a land free of racism and presecution many Romany families came to Britain via Germany, France and Belgium to seek political asylum from the horrors of modern day eastern europe.

In opposition the Labour spokesperson quoted "evidence of the persecution groups like Romanies" but in Government Labour does little and threatens asylum seekers with deportation.

Dover is the centre of viscious campaign against the Romany people which is being whiped up by the Mail, the Sun and Roger Gale MP. Parents are circulating petitions calling for Romanies to be denied education and housing; the Government refuses benefits to the families of asylum seekers who appeal against refusal for asylum.

The Dover Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World supports the rights of Romany people through the Kent Campaign for Asylum seekers. The IWW and KCAS are organising a leafleting of Dover Town Centre to balance the hysterical racist media coverage.

The Camapign calls for:

Independent investigation into the root causes of refugees fleeing eastern europe;

An end to the imprisonment of asylume seekers (2000 of whom languish in prison awaiting appeal)

Central Government to assume responsibility for families, not hard pressed and penniless local councils.

A leafleting of Dover takes place on Saturday 25 October 12 noon to 2 pm.

For further info contact KCAS on 01795 537334 or 01304 216102 Kevin Brandstatter Secretary IWW British isles Regional Organising Committee

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