(en) Internet hoax on the feed

Stefan Merten (merten@dfki.uni-kl.de)
Fri, 24 Oct 1997 11:27:15 +0200

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Dear subscribers,

you may remember the recent posts with the subject

(en) Serious potential invasion of privacy

Unfortunately this seems to be an internet hoax. At least the very recommended data base at


says so:

AOL V4.0 Cookie

AOL has declared the AOL V4.0 Cookie chain letter a hoax. CIAC received the following statement from AOL: "I wish to bring to your attention the attached hoax letter that has been circulating on the Internet, making serious allegations about AOL 4.0. All of these allegations are false." Tatiana Gau, Vice President of AOL Integrity Assurance.

However, the people from the CIAC sound not as sure as with other, more obvious hoaxes.

While we are at it: If you receive a chain letter or a internet hoax, please don't forward it further immediately. Check the data base at


or the one mentioned above. If the post appears there, please ignore your copy.

Sorry we ourselves didn't care about this in this case.

Mit li(e)bert"aren Gr"u"sen


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