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Wed, 22 Oct 1997 21:51:58 +0200

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>From: bartdall@agoranet.be
>Subject:immigration/students in hungerstrike
>On tuesd. october, 22 we (the Anarchist Centre - Ghent, Belgium)received a=
=20 declaration in French from the "Union Nationale des Etudiants de Maroc"=20 (National Union of Students of Marocco)and the "F=E9deration des Etudiants= =20 Francophones" (Federation of French-speaking Students) at the Free=20 University of Brussels, with a request to spread it and to write solidarity= =20 and/or protest letters (adresses below). What follows is a complete=20 translation, our english is though not perfect, sorry for this. >
>Concerns: Mobilisation of students at the Free University of Brussels on=20
wednesday, october 22th - hungerstrike of National Union of Students of= Marocco. >
>On wednessday, october 22th, a hungerstrike will take place on the=20
initiative of the students of the National Union of Students from Marocco=20 (NUSM) - section Brussels and with the support of the Federation of=20 French-speaking Students (FFS). The objective of this document is to clarify= =20 the content (and history)of the different elements that motivate this=20 action. It inscribes itself in the continuing struggle of the students,=20 foreigners and Belgians, for an education open for everyone and of quality. >
>The interpellation of the NUSM and the FFS is based on 3 elements:
> 1. the refusal to grant a visa to Mr. Mustapha BENALI
>Mr. Benali was condemmed in Marocco because of his democratic and militant=
=20 syndicalist activities and defense of human rights during the student=20 protests in 1991. After his release from prison in 1997 he was hoping to=20 continue his studies in Belgium; the Free University of Brussels having=20 already accepted his request for inscription. Today, the Office of=20 Foreigners, although in perfect knowledge of the political character of his= =20 condemnation, only grants a visa on the condition that one can give a recent= =20 attest of blanco criminal record. With this refusal the Belgian government= =20 supports/legitimates the criminalisation of political activities by the=20 Maroccan regime. >
> 2. the provisional treaty on study costs of foreign students
>The French-speaking Rectors (=3Dheads of university)and the Secretary of=20
State for Cooperation are for the moment negotiating an agreement on the=20 repayment of the costs made by the universities for their reception of=20 students from developing countries. This agreement will only garant the=20 financing of those students who have a study loan from the General Bureau of= =20 Developmental Cooperation, thus abrogating the Royal Decree of 10/08/1980=20 and excluding significant categories of foreign students financed up to now.= =20 They'll have to reclaim complementary inscription rights (which will cost=20 them over 100.000 bf).=20 >
> 3. The consequences of the law Vande Lanotte
>The "law Vande Lanotte" (modification of the law of 1980 on the entrance,=
=20 residence and expulsion from the territory) places a significant number of= =20 foreign students in a situation of extreme precariousness. The stricter visa= =20 requirements make it for many young Africans almost impossible to continue= =20 their studies at Belgian universities.=20 >
>These measures must be seen in the general context of restricting the=20
access to higher education. Thus, it is in our view the same logic that=20 leads to the acceptance of a numerus clausus in medical education, to the=20 non-payment of students who failed repeatedly, to the augmentation of=20 inscription prices, to the measures aiming at the exclusion of foreign= students. >
>We are determined to fight against this vision of an education reserved for=
=20 an elite, based on selection and exclusion. >
> *that the Office of Foreigners immediately grants a student visa to=20
Mustapha Benali for the academic year 1997-98; >
> * that the French-speaking Rectors show their opposition against any=20
financial exclusion of foreign students and thus against the treaty proposed= =20 by the GBDC; >
> * that the debate is opened on the reception and financing of foreign=20
students and this in the context of the cooperation policy ; >
> * the abrogation of the laws Vande Lanotte
>We are of course at your disposition for all complementary information.
>The NUSM and the FFS will clarify their position in a forthcoming press=20
release. >
> for the NUSM for the FFS
> Mohammed Chouitari Oliver Schneider
>--- end of document---
>In a written note more actions are announced for next week.
>The studentorganizations don't mention their adress, only tel.numbers, we=
=20 guess supportletters will find their way when you write to the university: >Universit=E9 Libre de Bruxelles
>Campus Solbosch
>Av. Paul H=E9ger 22
>1050 Brussels
>Union Nationale de Etudiant(e)s du Maroc: 02/650 44 88
>Centre International des Etudiants Etrangers: 02/650 21 62
>Cercle des Etudiants Zairois: 02/650 44 89
>Ministry of Interiors
>Johan Vande Lanotte
>Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Interiors
>Koningstraat 60-62
>1000 Brussel
>tel.:02/504 85 11
>fax: 02/504 85 OO or 80
>Dienst Vreemdelingenzaken (Office of Foreigners)
>North Gate II
>Emile Jacqmainlaan 152
>1210 Brussel
>tel.: 02/205 54 11
>fax.: 02/ 205 56 80 =20
> =20

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