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Source: Jordan Times, Sunday, October 19, 1997 (Amman, Jordan)

<<MAN ACCUSED OF KINGDOM'S 19TH "HONOUR" MURDER IN CUSTODY By Rana Husseini, Jordan Times Staff Reporter Amman --

Authorities are interrogating a 29-years-old man who last week reportedly shot and killed his younger sister in Jabal Al Nasser for reasons of "honour", according to official sources.

Hanna Mahmoud, 27, was shot once in the head on Oct. 15 by her older brother A.M., who surrendered to police (1) immediately after the shooting incident and claimed it was a crime of honour, according to judicial sources.

The source told the Jordan Times Saturday that the victim, who was married, had a relationship with another man.

"Hanna travelled with her lover to Syria for one week, and when she returned, she hid at her uncle's house," one offial source said.

Her family insisted on killing her, the source said, adding that they assigned the task to her older brother, A.M.

On the night of the murder, the source maintained, "Hanna's brother dragged her out of the house, drew a gun, shot her once in the head in front of her family and relatives, and then yelled that he had cleansed his family's 'honour'."

Ms. Mahmoud's death brings the total number of women killed this year in the Kingdom in the name of honour to 19, the same number of women killed in Jordan last year for the same reason.>>


(1) The legal punishment for this kind of crimes is very mild in Jordan. Usually they do not spend more than one year in jail, and no member of the family is ever sued as instigator or accomplice of the murder.


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