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Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 00:14:21 +0100 (BST) From: LabourNet <chrisbailey@gn.apc.org>

A week of action by Amsterdam dockers

Amsterdam dockers have taken a series of actions this week to obtain the reinstatement of the 315 workers employed in the now bankrupt "Abeidspool". Management had agreed to restart the pool but with a reduced workforce and insufficient fees to maintain it properly.

This week's action has been:

Monday 13 October. Union meeting in the evening for all dockers in the harbour of Amsterdam.

Tuesday 14 October. 24 hour strike for the whole harbour.

Wednesday 15 October. Discussions with OBA (Overslag Bedrijf Amsterdam). An agreement had been reached with the other employers, but the OBA was refusing to sign.

Thursday 16 October. 8 hour strike dayshift.

Friday 17 October. 24 hour strike and occupation of the north lock at Ijmuiden, on the North sea coast west of Amsterdam. This closed access to the port for all large ships. 100 dockers occupied the lock with about 10 cars and buses.

The Atlantic Arrow, a container vessel carrying cars was stuck in the lock. An oil tanker, the Pablo Neruda, was stuck in Amsterdam port and two bulk carriers, the Petka and the Ostrako, were kept out of the port by this action.

In negotiations to end the occupation the FNV and CNV union organisations appeared to have reached agreement with the OBA for it to sign the deal reached with the other employers. However, when both sides met on Saturday afternoon, the Director of OBA announced that he had decided not to sign.

The dockers will now be taking further action on Monday.

LabourNet report compiled from information from Ron Weichels, Secretary of the Abeidspool, and from Reuters.

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