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Jessica Glass (godbox@ix.netcom.com)
Mon, 20 Oct 1997 01:06:46 -0400

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Please forward this message to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. October 22nd is 2 days away.

The Louima family has requested that we all try to get this message out to millions of people before the 22nd. Thank you.


The Louima family and the lawyers for Abner Louima support the October 22nd Coalition movement against police brutality and we urge all organizations and individuals to wear Black on that day to symbolize the voices that have been silenced through police brutality. Abner praises the Lord that he is alive today, and he believes that God has given him the opportunity to speak against police brutality. He wants his voice heard with a strong demand to all politicians and individuals regardless of political parties-- and to all people who can affect change -- to come forward and be counted as someone who is opposed to this national epidemic of police brutality. Come out and support us that day.

Members of the Louima family, as well as lawyers for Abner Louima, will be part of the National Day of Protest at the rally at City Hall in Manhattan at 12 noon on Wednesday, October 22nd.

For more information on this statement, call one of Mr. Louima's lawyers, Mr. Brian Figeroux at 718-834-0190/ Fax: 834-0435.

To reach the October 22nd Coalition National Office, call 1-888 NO BRUTALITY or 212-664-7793, or go to: www.unstoppable.com/22

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