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For Immediate Release October 17, 1997

For wide distribution Data for Exxon/CMC's Groundwater Flow Model=20 Not Collected to Define Glacial Stratigraphy (Keshena, WI) "First we learned the data in CMC's groundwater flow = model was full of errors and inconsistencies. Now we learn that the = tests used to obtain the model's data weren't even collected to = accurately portray the soil and rock layers in the area of the mine = site," stated Apesanahkwat, Chairman of the Menominee Nation. "I am = shocked and outraged by these revelations of how the public has been = deceived during the entire permitting process for Exxon/Crandon Mining = Company's proposed Wolf River mine." Speaking in an interview after the Oct. 14 Mining Moratorium hearing in = Milwaukee, the Menominee Chairman voiced his disgust with the actions of = Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Exxon's Crandon Mining = Company (CMC). "From the day Exxon announced its discovery of the = Crandon deposit, DNR has promised the public that the environment would = be protected because the Department and Exxon would use proven = scientific technology. Now the public is learning something new almost = every week about how they are being deceived by the DNR and Exxon. This = week we learned the Army Corps of Engineers is going to drill 6 new = boreholes at the Exxon/CMC site, because the borehole tests used to = develop Exxon/CMC's groundwater flow model could not have provided the = data CMC needed to construct an accurate model." "Exxon/CMC's groundwater flow model was created to predict how water = flows underground in the area of the mine," stated Apesanahkwat. "In = groundwater modeling, bore holes are used to collect actual soil and = rock samples. The samples are used to develop the model's glacial = stratigraphy, a graphic interpretation of the thickness of the layers of = soil and rock deposited by glaciers. The data obtained from glacial = stratigraphy is then used to develop the groundwater model's layers." In the interview the Menominee Chairman was extremely critical of the = poor quality of the work submitted by CMC for its groundwater flow = model. According to a June 30 1997 review titled, "Review of the = Stratigraphy of Glacial Sediments in the Vicinity of the Proposed = Crandon Mine," written by Charles Dunning, USGS, David Johnson, WDNR, = and William Batten, WGNHS, ". . . it is also important to keep in mind = that most of the existing data was not collected for the purpose of = defining the glacial stratigraphy." "In the case of Exxon/CMC's proposed Wolf River mine, glacial activity = left behind complex, extremely porous layers of sand, gravel and till. = To adequately model glacial stratigraphy, a more comprehensive bore hole = analysis should have been conducted," the Chairman stated. "However, it appears that the bore holes drilled for Exxon/CMC's = groundwater studies were only done to determine the extent and depth of = the ore body, not to determine the glacial stratigraphy for the mine = site or surrounding area. The company did not do enough bore hole tests = down to the bedrock in the area being modeled to adequately define the = impacted area's glacial stratigraphy," Apesanahkwat stated. = "Exxon/CMC's groundwater flow model cannot possibly be a true depiction = of the groundwater flow, because it used inadequate, insufficient data." "Exxon promised us proven scientific technology and they give us = deception and inappropriate data. Many of Wisconsin's elected officials = and state agencies claim Wisconsin's laws are strong enough to protect = our environment because they're the "toughest in the country," but not = one elected official or state agency has produced any proof for this = claim," stated Apesanahkwat. "The DNR tells citizens if they want to = strengthen state laws regulating mining, citizens have to persuade the = state Legislature to pass those laws. Then, when citizens support the = sulfide Mining Moratorium bill drafted by their Legislators, the = Secretary of the DNR opposes it-and offers no language to amend the bill = that would address his concerns.' "Exxon/CMC's groundwater flow model provides essential information to = determine how surface water flows in the area and how chemicals used in = the mining and reclamation process would move in groundwater. Without = correct baseline data, it will be impossible for Exxon/CMC to predict = potential impacts to the Wolf River watershed. It's time to close the = permitting process down until Exxon produces accurate complete baseline = studies which prove their proposed mine will not contaminate the Wolf = River for future generations. This is just one more example of why = Wisconsin citizens need a sulfide Mining Moratorium." For more information:=09 visit http://www.menominee.com/gwf.html or contact Ken Fish, Director, Menominee Nation Treaty Rights & Mining Impacts, = 715-799-5620


"I don't know how long I'm going to be here but when I'm gone I want you people here to take the fight and continue it and to not give up until Exxon is no more." Hilary J. "Sparky" Waukau, Sr.

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