(en) 9 RainforestActivists Arrested in "Die-In"

EarthCulture (earthcul@nr.infi.net)
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 21:46:53 -0400 (EDT)

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For Immediate Release: October 17, 1997

Contact: Brendan Gannon, Outreach Coordinator 910-854-2957

Nine Activists Arrested while Demanding an End to Rainforest Destruction & Deaths

High Point, NC- Nine EarthCulture activists were arrested today as they staged a "die-in" in front of the enterance of the International Home Furnishings Center building on Commerce St. in High Point, NC during the 70,000 person High Point International Furniture Market. Two of the activists held a 9'x12' banner while the others were "killed" by a grim reaper symbolizing loggers cutting rainforests at any cost. All nine were charged with second degree trespassing.

On the previous day, a 15 foot chair was erected and splattered with blood. A banner hung atop the chair which read, "Buying Rainforest Woods Kills Native Peoples." About 30 protesters carried signs, chanted, and acted out a skit with blood splattered furniture dealers and slain trees. Simultaneously, a U Haul truck covered with banners drove all through the market center.

EarthCulture, along with members of the newly-formed Rainforest Woods Coalition have called a complete boycott on all rainforest wood products which do not bear an independent "well-managed" label, causing little environmental or social impact. Some common rainforest woods include: mahogany, teak, lauan, redwood, western red cedar, rosewood, ebony, ramin, greenheart, and ipe.

"Indigenous peoples all over the world are being displaced, tortured, and even murdered for woods like mahogany, teak, and lauan," said EarthCulture's Kevin Henderson. "We will continue to do what it takes to protect those whose homes and very lives are threatened for furniture."

These demonstrations were part of the 25 protests EarthCulture is leading all over the East Coast this month.

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STOP THE TROPICAL CHOP! Use sustainable or recycled wood products- or simply reduce your wood consumption.

Rainforests are the home to 50% of the world's species & 50 million indigenous peoples. By boycotting rainforest woods- like mahogany, teak, lauan, & ramin, you can help save our most important ecosystems!

We need action in your area!! Contact us for our FREE Rainforest Woods Action Pack!

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