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From: iwwjmp@speakeasy.org *Waterfront Coalition pickets Olympic Tug & Barge (for IW)

------------------------------------------------- Longshore picket disrupts Boss's Party

Seattle-*Olympic Tug and barge, a non union outfit operating within a few blocks of the ILWU local l9 hall, was picketed Tuesday, October l4th by a coalition of unionists. * The bosses were having a party to send off the new barge built by non-union labor, complete with open bar, BBQ, and Toyota Land Cruisers. Earlier that evening, a dozen or so trade unionists invited themselves to the party, to help themselves to the spread. At around 5pm, a picket was set up at the enterance, which didn't seem to get the attention of the myraid of suits swarming in and out of the place. At about six, a l50 or so marched to the edge a the bridge, which was in a stone's throw of the party. Members of ILWU, IBU, Teamsters, IWW, later joined by UFW and Jobs with Justice supporters, made speeches directed at the waterfront bosses, and enough noise to force the "party" inside.

"You've built this tug on the backs of exploited workers" yelled Jeff Engles of IBU. Various ILWU casual laborers also spoke. Calls of "this is our port!" sent suits scurrying for cover.

The police were called, and soon after, the twelve that had infiltrated the party made their way outside, smiling, as the police did nothing but stand by. There was a rumor of one arrest, but it could not be confirmed.

Olympic Tug & Barge has been a target for Longshore organizers for quite sometime, and have been refusing to deal with the union outside of the National Labor Relations Board. The company continues to use non-union labor through temporary agencies, rather than through the hiring halls.

Toward the end of the picket, trucks were driving on the pier directly behind Olympic, and honked in support; it appeared that the bosses were surrounded. Meanwhile, picketers at the gate continued to inform the party-going bosses of their position. A truck puller away with a Tully's Coffee logo painted on the side; the driver looked worried as a picker yelled, "you're next!"

(If you would like to get involved, contact Jeff Engles at the Inland Boatman's Union office, (206) 441-5111, or the IWW in Puget Sound *at (206)516- 8562.)

"An Injury to One is an Injury to All!"

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