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FCC Proposes Rules On Digital Wiretap Law >
>The FCC is one step closer to shaping the controversial digital
>wiretap law that could force wireline and wireless carriers to change
>their networks to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. The
>commission late Friday (10/10) solicited comments on how to implement
>parts of the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act
>(CALEA), and reached some tentative conclusions.
>The commission's request for comments focuses on questions such as
>exactly what carriers should be subject to the CALEA requirements,
>what policies and procedures carriers must follow to ensure that
>lawful interceptions are performed by law enforcement, and what
>should be required of carriers in order to secure records of
>The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) does not address perhaps the
>most controversial CALEA questions: Exactly what technical
>requirements should be imposed on carriers, and should they be
>allowed an extension beyond the Oct. 25, 1998, deadline as required
>by Congress?
>Congress passed CALEA in 1994 in response to law enforcement concerns
>that traditional methods of wiretapping would not work on new digital
>networks such as PCS and upgraded cellular systems. The law requires
>carriers to ensure that their systems allow lawful wiretapping.
>Since then, the FBI and the industry have squabbled over proposed
>requirements. For example, the FBI wants the ability to stay on a
>conference call even after the individual whom the police are
>wiretapping hangs up. The Cellular Telecommunications Industry
>Association (CTIA), on the other hand, argues that this would make
>the wireless industry prone to privacy-invasion lawsuits. Some FCC
>The FCC's NPRM addresses less controversial issues. For instance, the
>commission proposed to require that carriers designate specific
>employees to assist law enforcement officials in implementing
>interceptions. The commission also tentatively concluded that
>features such as call forwarding, call waiting, three-way calling,
>speed dialing, and certain voice mail services should be subject to
>the CALEA requirements.
>The commission further proposed to exclude Internet service providers
>from the requirements. The agency is seeking comments on how the
>requirements should apply to information services provided by common
>Last July, CTIA petitioned the FCC to allow carriers two years to
>implement the technical requirements after they have been specified
>(CT, 7/17). The commission said it would address this request
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