(en)State authorities: For a brutal police-raid nobody to be punished

Thu, 16 Oct 1997 11:03:24

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Free Society - PIA

Title: State authorities: For a brutal police-raid nobody to be punished PRAGUE (Free Society - PIA ) - Ministry of Justice (MJ) rejected, so that the case of last-year brutal police-raid into the Prague's punk-club "Propast", where young anarchists, left - radicals, SHARP skins and punks gathered, would be re-opened by the court. Reported to PIA by Martin Omelka, state attorney who insists on the commander-in-chief´s guilt and whose incitement was suspended by MJ in these days; hence there will be no appeal filed, which would have made to re-hear the case possible. Along with it, the commander-in-chief the only person prosecuted for a brutal action by the authorities anyway. A police-squad made a raid into the club in May 4th, 1996 when a benefit performance to support P.K., Czech anti-fascist who was in that time prosecuted for defending himself he had killed a nazi-skinhead, and to support "Green Anarchists" organization was just on in the club. The raid was co-prepared also by the police special-squad for extremists enforcement; eye-witnesses evidence reported visitors having been beaten by tonfas and kicked repeatedly by acting policemen. Several visitors treated a series of injuries; the most serious ones were those a Canadian citizen treated when they broke his rib and an injury of 21-year-old M.W., a girl who suffered by blocked spine for what reason she was insufficient to work for 4 months. At the event of one-year anniversary of the raid an anarchist magazine "Autonomie" called this year in May for a demonstration, where both the raid in itself as well as after-coming investigation of "police violators". As one of the organizators of the demonstration said to PIA, "establishment showed what is his way to react to criticism and how non-comfortable political opponents will be treated. The time has come the matter should be named its real name and to declare, that state violence endangers the whole society." This-year demonstration was also forcibly cancelled by the police, two activists were injured; evidence reported that one of those injured had been treated a case of torture rightly in the buildings of Ministry of Interior, in front of which demonstating people gathered. -dol-, 2nd October 1997 (The extended version will follow) ----------------------------------------------------- * PIA is going to bring information especially on activities of Czech radical movements which see one of the reasons of the current situation of the society in existence of state authoritarian capitalistic system. We want to inform people abroad about actions of Czech anti-authoritarian, anarchist and autonomous groups and organizations and about the most blatant cases of human rights violations by the authorities. * We are going to offer information service; when keeping the basic rules of journalism. News taken from other media will be explicitly marked with sign Monitor. * We want to make the political activities international, for many of them are impossible without effective support from abroad. Informing exactly on what is happening, informing in time is the first step towards international cooperation.We will appreciate if you use our information and we ask you as well to inform the Czech public on similar activities in your country via our agency. Your reports will be publicized in magazines which cooperate with PIA. Against Authorities....For A Free Society! http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/6580

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