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From: jonrog@gn.apc.org (Jon Rogers) Subject: Onibiyo Family Anti Deportation Campaign Demonstration, London 25 October

The Onibiyo Family Anti-Deportation Campaign have called a demonstration in London on Saturday 25 October 1997, departing Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park (Kennington Road SE1) at 2pm.

The following is an extract from the text of a leaflet issued by the Campaign;

"Two years ago, on 26 October 1995, Abdul Onibiyo was forcibly removed from Britain, away from his home and family, and put on a plane to Nigeria.

At Lagos airport, British Immigration Officials handed Abdul, a Pro-Democracy activist, over to Nigerian authorities, and in doing so, sent him into imprisonment by the Abacha regime. In June this year, following his horrific ordeal, Abdul managed to flee Nigeria to a neighbouring country where he still remains. His son Ade is still in the "safe haven" of Guyana, apart from his family for 17 months. Joyce and her two younger daughters are awaiting the decision of the Immigration Appellates Authority on whether they can be granted political asylum.

New Labour Home Secretary, Jack Straw, however, has refused to allow Abdul to come back to Britain and has turned down pleas for compassion from the rest of the family!

On Saturday 25 October we propose to send a clear message to Jack Straw and Tony Blair that the scandalous treatment of this family by the previous Tory Government must be stopped now. While in opposition they professed their support in the fight against deportations. Now they hold the power in their own hands they should not continue the actions of the Tories.!

Abdul and Ade must be returned to Britain and the whole family allowed to rebuild their lives without the threat of deportation.


Lambeth UNISON - Abdul's local union branch - asks you to support this demonstration if you possibly can. Jon Rogers (jonrog@gn.apc.org)

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