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Robert Cherwink (rc@vom.com)
Wed, 15 Oct 1997 01:41:04 -0700

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Cassini is top of the news. Launch time. No more delays that I know of. Officials say "the possibility of an accident are remote."



* CASSINI: * * have your fingers crossed? * * * LAUNCH IS SET FOR 4:43 AM Eastern US (i.e. NOW!)

re: spiders & lions and stopping cassini -

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re: spiders & lions and stopping cassini -

Pepsico out of Burma!

& i'll check on that big hole out there Bodega Head; see they dug it for a reactor never built - another bad idea stopped on its fault (pun intended)

Seeds planted now may sprout, or not! Diablo yet lives, and where goes Headwaters? Continue cultivation and watch for the crux - There's no other choice.

BTW: The Free Burma movement is where I got that Ethiopian Proverb (see "http://www.vom.com/rc/burma.htm")

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* Atomic Email!

>I am thinking about writing a book which would focus on Cassini. My goal
would be to produce a general Environmental and Anti-Nuclear Activism treatsie collaborating Anarchistic and Democratic viewpoints. It would rely heavily on upon many months worth of email archives and webbrowsing, and would include whatever new input there might be of course. What do you think? Perhaps we can collaborate (after we catch our breath here), and with some input from all of our contacts it could be awesome... at least through a newsletter and my website, whether a "printed book" or not...


- A copy sits in my mailbox, waiting to be finished off and mabybe sent - turned into mostly another anti-nuclear compilation, stuff about Cassini of course; but it did have a story about an anarchist in LA, a notice about the 30-year Ant-War Rally at the Pentagon (which I went ahead and sent out because its coming up), an article on SECRET DEFENSE SPENDING, bits on Intelligence agencies, and on test-firing lasers against satellites; and on the Climate Crisis, Earth First! & Headwaters Forest websites, genetic piracy in Amazon, Geronimo ji Jaga, and maybe another thing or two. /RENEGADE/ #3 [index and/or parts] available by request (all topics listed below). I keep wanting to put it on my website, but I am still unable to make any updates there due to technical difficulties.

* I am getting very curious about programs/scripting that can automatically post email to a webpage, and maintain an updated index on my server. Any clues out there?

* There arrive those moments of clarity when one realizes how really powerful networking can be, and how insane the world really is - like: How incredibly bad we are doing to ensure the coming generations any sort of future, and how much we can help each other to do better, and things like that...

* There are a few of you who I owe REPLY MAIL - sorry! I'm still having technical difficulties (can't receive mail at one locale, and way swamped at the other) - DARNED COMPUTERS!

*** I hope CASSINI'S COMPUTER works right { ** ! ! if they in fact launch the thing this morning !!! only a few hours from now I guess - haven't heard of any further delays * * have your fingers crossed???]

* anarchy-list (& others): Hi! found it really interesting but had to unsub for at least awhile due to other priorities and basic email fatigue - I've ended up stashing alot of my mail unread lately except for personal items, those related specifically to Cassini or nuclear abolition, or to related my website or other news-mail. I look forward to some time when I might read through some of those mailboxes, and perhaps do some leisurley correspondence, check out the archives... (/:)> Others: you too, guys! I love you, and well, you know! (/:)>

* CASSINI: * * have your fingers crossed? * * LAUNCH IS SET FOR 4:43 AM (i.e. NOW!) - if it doesn't get postponed again or anything, and if it doesn't blow up during launch: We will have until some time in 1999 to meditate upon NASA's ability to successfully conduct its "fly-by" manuever around the Earth as they sling-shot CASSINI and its lethal load of plutonium around *US*! on its way to Saturn... did you ever say that would be OK?


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NEWS -----------------

The 1997 Anti-War Reunion Rally Commemorating and Continuing the Spirit of the 1967 March on the Pentagon - To be held at the Pentagon Complex October 25-26, 1997


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Southern California Anarchist Abused by Police Facing up to genetic piracy in Amazon Geronimo ji Jaga "welcomed home" in L.A. Honor the Earth Tour ICONS Conservation Software at IUCN CASSINI - New York Times, September 8, 1997 CASSINI - NASA preparing for Cassini launch to Saturn "The fear is sabotage" Intelligence agencies faulted by NYT LOS ALAMOS AUG. 9TH EVENT REPORT Military Is Hoping to Test-Fire Laser Against Satellite & a more recent note about the BMD list Climate Crisis, Earth First! & Headwaters Forest websites Nuclear Tests in '50s Exposed Millions Nevada Tests - more 30 year "re-union" march on the Pentagon BLACK HOLE OF SECRET DEFENSE SPENDING Newsday on "Mobile Chernobyl" NY TIMES: Atom bomb designs PLUTONIUM FOUND IN TEETH OF CHILDREN THROUGHOUT BRITAIN Rading Crown Court Trial Lebed: Russia Missing Scores of Nuclear Bombs

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Maybe, if Cassini is actually launching, I will take a break... sorry for so much mail.


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