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Workers Solidarity No 52 Autumn 1997 (Irish anarchist paper)

Is now on the web and can be reached via http://www.geocities.com/Athens/2724/anpubdx.html

The list of articles in this issue is below, for those without web access the articles will be posted to Anarchy-Ireland from Thursday 16 October. You can subscribe to Anarchy-Ireland by sending an email to anarchy-ireland-request@unamerican.com with the subject subscribe anarchy-ireland

For starters Recently the WSM organised a speaking tour by Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin in Ireland. After Ireland Lorenzo went to Australia where he was arrested by the racist Australian government.

That's Capitalism Some of the latest ripoffs and oddities of capitalism

*** News from Ireland & WSM ***

Slam the door on racists An increase in the number of refugees arriving in Ireland has led to a media fueled upsurge in racism. But the fight back against this racism has already started

Pushers Out: Poverty Out too The Heroin crisis continues in Dublin, we examine how it is rooted in poverty

Who ever you voted for the government won A look at the 26 counties general election results and what they mean for the Irish left

Unionist MP supports anti-Catholic threats Socialist arrested by gardai

SWP election candidate was arrested by Gardai while making an election address in Rathmines, Dublin

Trade Union news Rank and file opposition continues in SIPTU

*** International News ***

Thousands of rebels from all over the world meet in Spain Interview with a WSM member who attended the 2nd encounter for Humanity and against neoliberalism in Spain this summer

Mexicans refuse to pay electricity charges An interview with two women from the Civil Resistance in Chiapas

South Africa : Students are still struggling

250 Million children forced to work Nearly twice as many children are working full time in developing countries as previously thought, according to the International Labour Organization.

*** History and Theory ***

Review: Anarchism, greens and all that A review of the Anarchist Communist Federations pamphlet, Where there's brass there's muck

Looking back at Red October 80 years on the Russian revolution is still a source of inspiration to many

Class war is over: Long live the Class War The British Class War Federation has dissolved itself and published a final issue of its paper. We look at why they took this decision.

Buenaventura Durruti A short biography of the anarchist militant killed in the first months of the Spanish revolution.

Review: Would Pat Buchanan take a cheque from Satan A review of Michael Moore's 'Downsize this!'

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