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THE LIST KEEPS GROWING!!! -- 27 U.S. states, 12 countries!!! Preparations for international Nike mobilization head into final week

Each day, more communities and campuses are letting us know about their plans for participation in the October 18 international mobilization in support of the rights of Nike's overseas workers. This event is being organized with minimal resources. People all around the world who care passionately about ending sweatshop abuses have given life to this campaig= n. We are thrilled to be able to report the following list of places whose plans we know about. (Our past experience tells us that there must be many other places where human rights advocates have organized events for the 18= th but have not notified us. If your planned event is not on this list, PLEAS= E send us a report.) There are many other places where activists are interested in putting together an event but had not reported definite plan= s as of this writing.

Three items:

* Because of the tremendous response to this call to action, we are planning on doing another international Nike mobilization in 6 months, in April of 1998.

* If your organization is not already involved in other sweatshop campaigns besides the Nike struggle, Campaign for Labor Rights urges you t= o consider linking your Nike campaign work to the wider struggle to eradicat= e sweatshop abuses and exploitative child labor.

* Would your organization like to be listed in our newsletter and our labor alerts as a local contact for anti-sweatshop activity? If so, please let us know.

Status Report list of known planned activities on or near the 18th



CALIFORNIA Redwood City Riverside Sacramento San Francisco Santa Barbara Terra Linda (Marin County)

COLORADO University of Colorado; Boulder Denver



FLORIDA University of South Florida; Sarasota Florida State University; Tallahassee

GEORGIA University of Georgia; Atlanta

ILLINOIS Chicago Black Hawk College; Moline University of Illinois; Urbana-Champaign


IOWA University of Iowa; Iowa City

MASSACHUSETTS Boston College of the Holy Cross; Worcester

MARYLAND Baltimore University of Maryland; Catonsville

MICHIGAN University of Michigan; Ann Arbor Grand Rapids

MINNESOTA Minneapolis St. Cloud State University; St. Cloud


NEW JERSEY New Brunswick

NEW MEXICO Albuquerque

NEW YORK New York City Rochester

NORTH CAROLINA Chapel Hill Durham

OHIO Oberlin College; Oberlin

OREGON Eugene Linfield College; McMinnville (sending a contingent to Portland) Portland

PENNSYLVANIA Lehigh Valley Penn State University; University Park

TEXAS Austin

UTAH Salt Lake City

WASHINGTON Everett Olympia Seattle


WYOMING University of Wyoming; Laramie

AUSTRALIA: Brisbane Lismore Melbourne Sydney more cities expected to participate several campuses all around the country

CANADA: Edmonton, Alberta Vancouver, British Columbia Toronto, Ontario


FINLAND: Helsinki Kuopio


MALAYSIA: Kuala Lumpur


NEW ZEALAND: Auckland Christchurch Dunedin Hamilton Whangarei

SINGAPORE: secret distribution of leaflets (because of repression)

SWEDEN: Stockholm


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