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On the 2th of october the Amsterdam treaty was sined in the royal palace on damsquare in Amsterdam. Off course the dutch anarchists could'nt let this go by without an other spectecular protest. You might remember the Eurosummit last june in Amsterdam. The europoliticians made verry clear there plans for a semi-fascist europe by arresting 750 of her citisens in just 4 days. For more info on these events visit the eurostop website and read about it. Anyway we called for a jubelationdemo on the 2th at 10 in the morning. The idea was to thank our great leaders for the nice job they are doing for us. We were calling slogans like: More police; more roads; the people demand a balkony scene; more work, less pay and police beat us up. It was a crazy thing to see everyone walking arround dressed upand with europe baloons. Every time one of the euro bastard arived we cheared them, they felt highly uncomfortable with it. Off course there was the traditional fighting with the police after the angry mob seriously atacted the German minister who arrived with his mercedes. Only five minutes of kicking and beating from both sides was enough for us to give the bastards inside a clear message:"We will follow you everywhere you go!" A policecar, with coppers inside lost some windows on the way. Five people got arrested so emediatly we all went to the nearest police station to demand there freedom. A European flag was burned and sillent coppers had to run to escape the angry mob. Afterwards everybody went to the place nearby where in june 350 people got arrested on charge off being member of a crimminal organisation. It is still not sure if this group will be prosecuted. The demo demanded for clearety on this point as well. Anyway we all know the biggest crimminals are the once who are pointing at us and will fight them together dutch and non dutch. If you want to get involved in fighting the E.U. everywere the go let us know about it. We are more then willing to join in protests in your countries. EuroDusnie,P.O. box 2228,2301 CE Leiden, Holland. tel/fax 00 31 (0)71 5173019 e-mail robbel@stad.dsl.nl

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