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Sun, 05 Oct 1997 06:15:43 -0600

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Fellow Workers:

I am providing the following information on the CAW Local 4050 strike against Marriott at the Michener Centre in Red Deer, Alberta. They have been out since July 27. They need your support they need you to put pressure on the Michener Centre board of directors.

Messages of strike support can be sent to:


and I will fax forward them to the sisters on the line.

And updates on their campaign will be posted at

<bold>Alberta Strike Solidarity Page


In solidarity,

Eugene Plawiuk

A Letter to All Relatives and Friends

of Michener Centre Clients

As you may well be aware, Marriott Food Services' Employees at the Michener Centre have been on strike since July 27 of this year. Besides the many issues we are trying to resolve at the negotiating table, one of our main concerns before and during the strike has been client welfare.

Quite a few of our members on the picket line have been employed at the Centre for many years and have developed dose relationships with the clients.

We believe that Marriott is not and never has met the high standards for food and service that you have come to expect at the Michener Centre.

The actual number of food service staff has gone down since Marriott took over from Versa Foods. Food quantity per serving has gone down (e.g. one (1) egg per person for breakfast and at picnics if a client has a hamburger with a bun, no salad is given, but if no bun is requested then the client can have salad). Food quality has deteriorated as well (e.g. food is often served at improper temperatures; food is more often than not over or under-cooked; where fresh foods were once used in modified diets Marriott now brings in bottled baby foods; in one week clients were served hot dogs and coleslaw four (4) four to five (5) days in a row and one morning clients were served creamed corn for breakfast).

There are many other problems too numerous to mention here but most if not all can be confirmed by the Institutional Aides (I.A.'s) or other Michener Centre staff and/or by reading the l.A.'s communication books located in each unit.

The Michener Centre says they are not involved in our dispute but they are the ones who accepted Marriott's low bid and set up the contract requiring Marriott to cover all costs over their bid. This has resulted in Marriott cutffng costs to maximize their profits. The Michener Gentre also says everything is fine and that Marriott is doing its job, but this is just not the truth!

Clients suffer, Michener workers are unhappy and in the meantime the Michener Centre saves money and Marriott gets rich.

Verify these issues for yourselves and for the benefit of your relatives and friends living in the Michener Centre.

Marrott Defy Workers

CAW Members

July to October 1997


Hi, I am a Marriott employee at the Michener Centre. Like the majority of my co-workers in the food service department, I voted to support strike action and we have been on strike since July 27, 1997 I want you to know why we decided to take this step.

Before Marriott took over, I worked for a long term Unionized Employer but now my co-workers and I are fighting for a decent first agreement.

Before Marriott took over I was making $ 11 97 per hour, had full medical benefits and a pension plan. Now I make $7.50 with no benefits or pension.

Before Marriott took over, I worked 37 3/4 hours per week now I work less than 30 hours per week. Out of 68 food service workers only 12 of us are full time.

Before Marriott took over, I earned enough to support my local community businesses and programs, but now I do not even make enough money to qualify for a loan or mortgage.

Before Marriott took over I could provide a reasonably decent standard of living for my family but now I work for Marriott.

Marriott refuses to meet with us saying we are too far apart on wages despite the fact that we have continually lowered our wage demands. We are asking for $2.25 over 2 years or $3.00 over 3 years. These increases would still leave us being paid substantially less then we were prior to Marriott and again substantially less then the $12.23 per hour that Marriott pays its workers for the same work at Alberta Hospital in Edmonton. Since the strike began there have been numerous near-misses with vehicles on the picket line.

Three picketers have actually been hit and injured Not one driver was charged by police, although we were issued 9 tickets for failing to cross the "highway" quickly.

We don't want this to continue do you? We ask that you show your support by contacting one or all of the following and voicing your opinion against working people being treated this poorly to the benefit of a large American corporation.

Marriott Corporation (Calgary) (403) 241-8301

Michener Centre (Red Deer) (403) 340-5211

Ask for Alan Anderson

Local MLA's - Stockwell Day (403) 342-2263

Victor Doerksen (403) 340-3565

Mayor Gail Surkan ( Red Deer) (403) 342-8155

Thank you for your support!

A Marriott Employee and CAW Member

Michener Centre Board

Alan Anderson - Chairman

19 Bunn Crescent

Red Deer, AB T4R 1K9

Garth Dymond

#1400, 550 - 6th Avenue S.W.

Calgary, aB T2P 0S2

Phone: (H) 278-0317 and/or (W) 265-7070 (F) 232-6750

George Faulter

14339 - 92A Avenue

Edmonton, AB T5R 5E3

Phone: 483-6647 (F) 484-3210

Gerald Gordey

Box 225

Willingdon, AB T0B 4R0

Phone: 367-2552 (F) 367-2552

Allan Hagan

Box 12, Site 4, R.R. 2

Okotoks, AB T0L 1T0

Phone: 938-5277 (F) 938-5277

Mark Kolke

14002 - 104 A Avenue

Edmonton, AB T5N 0X9

Phone: (F) 488-5674 and/or (W) 420-1585 (f) 424-7830

Gordon Pearce

917 Ridge Road, S.W.

Calgary, AB T2T 3E4

Phone: (H) 243-9673 and/or (W) 234-8363 (F) 264-8523

Barb Sheppard

3730 Spruce Drive

Red Deer, AB T4N 3N9

Phone: 341-2338 and/or 341-5291 and/or 341-7811 (F) 341-3227

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