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Please excuse the format of this document if it gets chewed up. I had to prepare it on a word processor which is sometimes incompatible with the format for this list.

Please circulate this document far and wide :-) -------------------------------------------- ANARCHIST BOOKFAIR PROGRAMME OF EVENTS

Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WCI

MAIN HALL 10.00am -7.00pm Bookfair compered by Tony Allen. Balloon competition via A Distribution stall (winner announced at 6.30pm).

9.00-11.00pm A Comedy Benefit evening at the anarchist bookfair Mark Thomas, Mark Kelly (MC) and Rory Motion.

Tickets f5 in advance or f6 / f5 concs. on the door (tickets available from Freedom Bookshop, Housmans Bookshop or New Anarchist Review, c/o 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX. Cheques payable to New Anarchist Review).

SMALL HALL 12-1.00pm Green Anarchist The Gandalf Trial

1.00-2.00pm Fabian Thomsett Anarcho-fascism

2.00-3.00pm Colin Ward Bad Boys: Anarchism and Gender Assumptions

3.00-4.00pm Dave Morris with Helen Steel A work- shop on the McLibel Campaign

4.00-5.00pm ACF Beyond Resistances: an anarchist manifesto for the millennium

5.00-6.00pm Ex-Class War What we're doing and where we're going

6.00-7.00pm Reclaim the streets What forms of organisation work best and maximise people's involvement? A workshop on Reclaim the Streets and the anti-roads movement.

7.30-8.30pm Anarchist Poetry and Music featuring Jeff Cloves, Dennis Gould and John Gallas (to be confirmed), with songs from James Bowen

CLUB ROOM 12-1.00pm John Moore readings of his own anarchist short fiction

1.00-2.00pm Anarchist Research Group Heiner Becker: Anarchism and History

2.00-3.00pm Movement Against the Monarchy (MA'AM) Meeting

3.00-4.00pm Lib Ed David Gribble: Real Education - varieties of freedom

4.00-5.00pm Haringey Solidarity Federation Organising locally: successes and failures

5.00-6.30pm Twenty-first Century Anarchism Debate with editor James Bowen on this recently published book

6.30-7.30pm Women Sex Workers Show and Tell

THE BERTRAND RUSSELL ROOM 11.30am-4.30pm Creche with professional creche workers

NORTH ROOM 12-7.00pm Exploding Cinema An Exploding Cinema sampler: short films, video and projection Human society moves forward; the State is always the brake.

NORTH TOWER 1-2.00pm Sexual Freedom Coalition Debate on sexual freedom, with Tuppy Owens

BALCONY 12-7.00pm Poster Exhibition Steve Kinky

Techno Excursion Paintings by Joe Kavanagh

BAR open from 12 noon for drinks and snacks

FOOD from 12 noon vegetarian/vegan food provided by Veggies Co-op, and in the evening by Fat Freddie's Fervent Food Fiesta


121 Railton Road Brixton, London SE23

11pm-7am Ambush presents Fifth Force Party entrance f3.

Downstairs: Urban hardcore and broken beats, with live sets from Shizuo (Digital Hardcore Recordings, Berlin) and Hekate (London- based sound system), and DJs Christoph (Praxis Records), Scud and Sphasic (both Ambush).

Upstairs: Sharps versus the Shaggies sound clash, with London Psychogeographical Association, Skinheads as Independent Travellers in Space and Disconauts.

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