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Robert Cherwink (rc@vom.com)
Wed, 1 Oct 1997 22:16:17 -0700

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*** Please Forward and Post ***

Help Cancel Cassini - Help Cancel the Nuclear Agenda

*** As many of you as possible: Please post one or two replies to any message in any of the various newsgroup threads that have developed. ***

The key group: sci.space.policy (list of other newsgroups available, or just try "Cassini" under "Search Usenet")

Some of the threads by name: Save Cassini - Heckle anti-Cassini Rallies, Stop Cassini! Save the Chilruun!, Mother Cassini, Support the Cassini Saturn Mission, "Cassini is safe" letter from Rep. Weldon, Michio Kaku, CASSINI Space probe: Nuclear Threat, etc...

...other newsgroups as you feel appropriate...


I have been feeling that it is vital to have an anti-Cassini presence on Usenet - especially in particular newsgroups. I found a way to do some posting, and have done so on a few occasions over the past three or four weeks. However: Due to some technical difficulties it has been quite difficult for me to access Usenet on a routine or convenient basis - I have been unable to adequately reply to the many vociferous responses.

A couple of friends have been forwarding some of the threads to me via email, so I am getting to view some of what is being said. I am sorry to be unable to participate myself; but in any case, whether I am able to post much myself or not: it would be best to have more than just one or two voices from the opposition anyway.

It would be very beneficial if a few of you out there could jump in to help balance out the pro-nuclear, pro-Cassini bias on Usenet. I'm not worried about being flamed so bad, but I am worried about the slanted view that is there. Many of those who are posting gung-ho Cassini and pro-nuke epithets could probably never be convinced that flinging plutonium around in rockets is a bad idea. There are many other readers, however; many of which may be curious about the idea that NASA shouldn't be just another nuclear railroad, who might actively oppose a space program which relys upon nukes.

As many of you as possible: Please post one or two replies to any message in any of the various threads that have developed. As far as I know the newsgroup activity has consisted of almost entirely of protestor-bashing, technology worship, NASA pr, and scientific/ personality assasination (Michio Kaku the main target, myself among them).

Of course there are those newsgroup readers who are truly, and commendably, interested in the exciting scientific aspects of the mission; but: We must remind them that nuclear risks are just not acceptable.

See sci.space.policy - many of the threads may already be dying out, but you should find something there. My original posts may be extinct by now - the latest was "CASSINI Space probe: Nuclear Threat."

If you would like a list of all the newsgroups I !crossposted! to send me a note and I'll try to get back to you withing 24 hours; or just try "Cassini" under "Search Usenet" with your favorite search engine.

Thanks for your interest, many thanks to those of you who have helped with the monitoring, thanks for newsgroup suggestions, and thanks especially for any Usenet posting or *anything* you can do now to help CANCEL CASSINI!


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