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"Fire cannot burn us...

"In the noon of Sunday, September 28th a group of social scamps having the idea of the National Great vision and bearing the symbol of swastika (the same symbol which during the nazi occupation of Greece in World Wor II symbolised the Death it spread) invaded the **Self-managed Social Center of Patisia**, Athens, and after destroying everything in their passage, set fire and burnt the whole place.

"Obviuosly after they had watched the area (to be sure nobody was in at the time, been afraid, the braggarts, of the people that might be in and face them), jumped over the brick fence, manged with rage all the printed matterial, broke all furniture, pured gasoline and set fire. As a result the roof, for which we spent thousands of drahmas and lot of work, collapsed and there was risk of fire spread to side buildings. Hence, **a place of freedom and communication in times of isolation and indifference** temporarily collapsed.

"For us this was not a thunder under a blue sky! For once more, a gang of sick and psycho-abnormal bastards uses the only means available to them to fight: we still remember the knife of a school girl, the invasion against the occupant house on Lelas Karayianni street, the attacks against immigrants, the knife outside the occupant house on Alkamenous street, the rascist pogroms by those who dream of wars and crematoriae. We still remember the immigrants hostel arson in Rostock, Germany, a few years ago, where the local skinheads burnt immigrants alive, while the neighbours cheer on the nazis. All these in favour of the Great and Arial Germany!

"Last night's event can be included into the national attempt of structuring the Great Vision in Greece, projected by those who **in daily basis exploit an mock at us**! Those maintain this vision are Greek policemen and militarists who ofte torture and murder immigrants, the boses who exploit them for a slice of bread as their wage, all who'd like for us the controled bye temples of consumption of pseudo-entertainment to be our way-out of the daily subjection. It is all these who smash any attempt for resistance against the ransack Greek State and European Union imply, by using their waged club-bearers!

"The Greek Rostocks have emerged, and it is not only the marginal nazis who creat them. It is the indifference for the daily rascist propaganda. It is the sly loughter of a tele-enervated society after hearing Albanians are murdered in the Greek border-line territory. It is, finaly, the Greek State shouting out 'out with foreigners' even louder than any hysterical fascist! All of them are the instigators of the arson.

"We inform them that this strike will not be enough to defeat us. Those who burnt down our Center last night, cannot destroy the most important : the faith in what we do, the dicision to move on the path we instricted a year ago, through manifestations of gathering, communication and counter-information, proposing a different culture of freedom and solidarity. And this is exactly what anoyies the instigators of the arson and those who commited it!

...because it lights inside of us!

"We do not forget*We do not forgive

The Self-managed Social Center of Patisia, Athens".

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