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Tue, 7 Oct 1997 18:21:30 -0500

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Depleted Uranium Education Project International Action Center 39 West 14th St. NY 10011 October 2, 1997 Dear interested folks and organizations:: On Wednesday, October 15 at 6:30 PM at the UN Church Center, at 44th St. and 1st Ave NYC there will be a special forum on the Pentagon's dangerous nuclear escalation policies. For over fifty years, hundreds of thousands of people were used a guinea pigs for the pentagons nuclear madness. this was done with the same callous indifference as the criminal Tuskeegee experiments.The human toll of the government's radiation experimentation is still not known Now with the Cassini Space probe the entire earth is a testing ground for Star Wars This military insanity, the expanding military budget, and environmental devastation is being paid for by cutting healthcare, education, jobs and social programs. Hear about the history of past human radiation experiments as well as the pentagon's plans to unleash new weapons of mass destruction such as First Strike `bunker busters', depleted uranium weapons, the new `star wars' plans, what's happening with the Cassini Space probe with 72.3 lbs. of plutonium on board, and the new nuclear and laser weapons in space. Speakers will include Carol Picou, former US Army nurse who was a victim of radiation poisoning by Depleted Uranium weapons in the Gulf War who will show videos, slides and photos of her recent trip to Iraq, meeting with Iraqi DU victims. Jay Gould Ph.D. Director of the Radiation and Public Health Project who exposed the connection between radiation released from Brookhaven National Lab and the high rate of breast cancer and underweight births on Long Island Gwendon Plair Ph.D National Committee on Radiation Victims and found of National Minorities Against Radiation Abuse. Son of Beatrice Plair, case #044, radiation victim died from secret total-body radiation experiments at Cincinnati General Hospital Sara Flounders, International Action Center and coordinator of the Depleted Uranium Education Project which recently produced the book and video,' Metal of Dishonor,: How the Pentagon radiated Soldiers and Civilians with DU Weapons' PLEASE ATTEND THIS EVENT AND TELL OTHER PEOPLE ABOUT IT. WE MUST ORGANIZE TO TURN THIS INSANITY AROUND. MONEY FOR PEOPLE'S NEEDS NOT PENTAGON GREED. DEPLETED URANIUM EDUCATION PROJECT

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