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Jaggi Singh (blackcat@vcn.bc.ca)
Mon, 6 Oct 1997 23:44:29 -0700 (PDT)

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[Please post and forward] Vancouver, Salish Territory

-- "THANKS FOR NOTHING!": An Anarchist Thanksgiving --

October 13th is a holiday in Canada dubbed "Thanksgiving." We are supposed to give thanks to "Indians" for the role they played in helping North America's colonizers and settlers (called "pilgrims" in propagandistic schoolbooks) to survive in their new surroundings. In practice, much of what Thanksgiving does is serve to whitewash the genocide of indigenous peoples which continues to this day. A group of local activists is saying "Thanks for Nothing!" during this Thanksgiving season and planning a series of alternative activities.

* SATURDAY, October 11th *

10:30am -- A gathering at the park at 14th Avenue and Commercial Drive. A parade will then proceed up Commercial Drive to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Che Guevara's murder. The procession ends at Grandview Park where there will be speeches, music and food.

3pm -- FOOD NOT BOMBS serving at Grandview Park (Commercial Drive at Charles). FNB/Vancouver serves every Saturday at Grandview Park at 3pm and Thursdays at Victory Square (Cambie and Hastings) at 4pm.

* SUNDAY, October 12th *

October 12th is the International Day of Solidarity for Indigenous Peoples. It also happens to be Columbus Day.

10am -- Gathering at Grandview Park (Commercial Drive at Charles) for a CARAVAN and RALLY to the Peace Arch Border Crossing at the USA-Canada border. The event is in support of American political prisoner, Leonard Peltier. There will be drums, speakers and entertainment at the border crossing. If you have a car/van, come to give rides for others. For more information, phone Kelly White at 604-254-3214.

5pm -- Special FOOD NOT BOMBS serving at Victory Square (Cambie and Hastings).

7pm -- The UNFREE TRADE TOUR at the Carnegie Center Theatre (Main and Hastings). Presentations and panels from activists opposing corporate globalization from Spain, Basqueland, San Francisco and Vancouver. Includes the video, "50 YEARS IS ENOUGH! and a pirate radio broadcast (see previous e-mail for detailed information).

* MONDAY, October 13th *

FREE SKOOL Workshops Carnegie Center Main and Hastings 3rd Floor Classroom

2pm to 4pm -- SQUATTING. A showing of the video, "The Beat of Frances Street" about the 1991 Frances Street Squats which were forcibly broken up by a Vancouver SWAT Team in what was later dubbed "Operation Overkill." To be followed by a discussion about how to squat.

4pm to 6pm -- CRITICAL MASS. A showing of a video exploring the car, oil and tire industries. To be followed by a discussion about transportation alternatives and critical mass rides -- "We're not blocking traffic, we are the traffic!"

5:30pm -- Special FOOD NOT BOMBS serving at Victory Square (Cambie and Hastings).

For more information about THANKS FOR NOTHING!, e-mail blackcat@vcn.bc.ca or phone 604-215-9039.

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