(en) UNFREE TRADE TOUR Vancouver (1/2)

Jaggi Singh (blackcat@vcn.bc.ca)
Mon, 6 Oct 1997 23:43:50 -0700 (PDT)

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[Please post and forward] Vancouver, Salish Territory

The UNFREE TRADE TOUR: Building Worldwide Resistance to UnFree Trade, Corporate Greed and the New Austerity Program


-- SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12th, 7pm -- Carnegie Center Theatre Main and Hastings Vancouver FREE

European, American and local Vancouver activists will discuss corporate globalization and resistance to it. Featured speakers include Sara Nieto, Salva Ronda, Manolo Saez and Andoni Estrella of BALADRE. BALADRE is an Iberian Penisula-wide organization which coordinates actions against unemployment, poverty and social exclusion. Recently, they helped organize resistance to the Maastricht Treaty, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund when thousands protested against the European Economic Union in Amsterdam.

Also speaking will be Keith McHenry of FOOD NOT BOMBS/San Francisco. FOOD NOT BOMBS is a group of volunteers that share free vegetarian food and information in opposition to poverty, homelessness and war. There are over 100 autonomous chapters of FOOD NOT BOMBS throughout North America, Europe and Australia. FNB/San Francisco has been sytematically harrassed since 1988, with close to 600 arrests of volunteers and the presence of riot police at servings.

A panel of Vancouver activists will describe local struggles against corporate globalization, including recent organizing against the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders' Summit, set to hit Vancouver this November in what will be the largest security operation in the history of the national police.

The evening's program will include the video, "50 YEARS IS ENOUGH!" about the activist response against the European Economic Union. As well, the entire evening will be broadcast on low-watt FREE FM (pirate radio!). A special FOOD NOT BOMBS serving will occur at 5pm at Victory Square (Cambie and Hastings).

Presented by:

* FOOD NOT BOMBS/Vancouver * No Meat! No God! No Bullshit! Guilt-free food since 1992.

* The Vancouver International of Hope * "A Zapatista-inspired gathering of local activists resisting the neo-liberal agenda and building alternatives."


* VANARCHY * The Vancouver anarchist discussion and action group.

For more information: blackcat@vcn.bc.ca or (604) 215-9039

[For a detailed itinerary of the Unfree Trade Tour which will be travelling across North America please e-mail foodnotbombs@earthlink.net]

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