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Japan dockworkers strike Originator: union-d@wolfnet.com

from: All Japan Dockworkers Union September 26, 1997

to: Mr. Jimmy Nolan Chairman Merseyside Port Shop Stewards

Dear Brother Nolan,

The All Japan Dockworkers' Union went on a 1-hour strike on a national scale on September 19. The strike in the Nihonkai Region lasted for half a day. This strike was a protest against deregulation especially against the shippers' recent plan of bring into the ports stevedore companies which are 100% capitalised by the shippers themselves.

As you are already aware, sympathy strikes (secondary strikes) are also prohibited in Japan. However, this strike was also an action of our solidarity to support the struggle of the Liverpool dockers.

On October 9, All Japan Dockworkers' Union is planning to make an action of protest in Tokyo with our 300 members against our Ministry of Transport, promoter of the deregulation policy in Japan. We would very much appreciate it if you could send us a message of solidarity to support this action. Fraternally yours,

Akinobu Itoh Assistant General Secretary


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