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>Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 09:31:39

>(via fax, phone & e-mail)
>Today began the 14th day of hunger strike of Kurd refugees in Finland. One
Kurd and one Finnish friend have been in hunger strike since 20th of september, two Kurds joined in sunday 21st and 5 Kurds started striking in 29th.=20 > The hunger strike is a protest against inhumane practice of the Finnish
Foreigner Bureau, wich has made a lots of mass decisions to deportate Kurds from Turkish Kurdistan during the summer of 1997. The decisions lack reasonings for single individuals. Illtreated Kurds have been politically active and they are in a risk of being persecuted by Turkish regime if returned to Turkey. There are great amount of Kurdish refugees in Finland and Finnish Foreigner Bureau should know very well the situation in Turkey. > Deported Kurds have made appeals to Asylum Board which usually follow=
s the decisions of Foreigner Bureau. Finland is known for it's hostile refuge= e policy, one of the most tightest in the Western Europe. Even European Union= , which is closing it's borders as a whole, has criticized finnish refugee policy. There are not even 20 000 refugees in Finland, the 1000 annual asylum seekers are not a risk to Finnish welfare. > The Hunger strike is not only for these Kurds, it's also against the
Finnish foreigner policy as whole, it's for all the asylum seekers from which some have been forced to wait decisions, sometimes negative, as much as 5 years. It's also against establishing of the "fortress Europe", in wic= h "the free movement of people" is just a joke for those in a need of asylum.= =20 > You can increase the pressure against Finnish officials who have
choosen "keeping our nation clean" as their official policy thanks to decades of populist rhetorics by politicians. Please forward this message and participate the protest!=20 >
>The pressure campaign is planned to begin in 11 am CET at friday 3.10 (Tha=
t means 4.00 am in NY). Please distribute this message as much as possible before that. >
>You can send faxes, e-mail or make a phone call to following adresses:
>demand more fair policy from=20
>Finnish Foreigner Bureau
>director Ms. Mielikki Tenhunen
>fax: 358-9-4765 5857
>or 358-9-4765 5700
>phone: 358-9-476 5500
>e-mail: mielikki.tenhunen@sm.vn.mailnet.fi
>you can appeal for Kurds on hunger strike to
>Asylum Board
>fax: 358-9-1825 7774
>phone: 358-9-18251
>The Foreigner Bureau is in the control of
>Minister of Domestic Affairs
>Mr. Jan-Erik Enestam
>phone: 358-9-(1601 or 478 711)-2800
>fax: 358-9-(1601 or 478 411)-2887
>e-mail: Jan-Erik.Enestam@sm.vn.mailnet.fi
>The Asylum Board is in the control of
>Minister of Justice
>Mr. Kari H=E4k=E4mies
>phone: 358-9-(18251 or 478 713)-7500
>fax: 358-9-(18251 or 478 713)-7730
>e-mail: Kari.Hakamies@om.vn.fi
>Thank you for your efforts! I will inform about the developing of the case=
=2E >
>Antti Rautiainen

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