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Aaron (aaron@burn.ucsd.edu)
Wed, 1 Oct 1997 04:09:58 -0400

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Comrades and Compas, Two visually and politically impressive posters exposing Columbus as a mass murderer,enslaver, etc., have been created by a group of artists based in Miami. They are available on my web site at http://burn.ucsd.edu/~aaron/Columbus-posters/ . Since this URL is a directory without (yet) an index.html or similar file, you will see a simple directory listing when you openit with your browser. The two posters are at this time available only in .eps format. (EPS files can be opened with programs like Pagemaker, Freehand and Illustrator, among many others.) They are available with a choice of .sit or .gz compression. All are ascii-encoded with binhex (.hqx). I intended to upload the posters in .jpeg and/or .gif format within the next day or so. Feedback concerning useful formats, etc. will be appreciated, since I have little experience with graphics files. The poster Columbus-1 is over 1 MB because it contains a bitmapped graphic. Columbus-2 is only about 50K compressed. They are designed to be printed at 17" x 22" but can be modified easily for other sizes. They are meant to be white and red on a black background, but those who can't print multiple colors can convert the red to gray. (This will happen automatically in most cases if they are printed in grayscale.) Unfortunately, the posters are not yet available in languages other than English. I don't know if that can be remedied in time for this year's Columbus Day. The artists hope that the posters will be widely reprinted. No permission is required. They would appreciate, however, the opportunity to buy bulk copies of reprints at modest prices. They can be contacted through me at <aaron@burn.ucsd.edu>. It would be great to be able to have copies at least a few days before October 12, so that they can be spread around before that date.

- In solidarity, - Aaron

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