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Stefan Merten (merten@dfki.uni-kl.de)
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 12:40:12 +0200

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Dear subscriber,

at the moment the organizational collective (`a-infos-org@tao.ca') is thinking about a number of changes to apply to the a-infos project in the near future.

Particularly there are some thoughts about adding new feeds to the project, which will carry only a part of the main feed (`a-infos@tao.ca') in one or another way.

As it seems the main feed and the raw, unchanged feed (`a-infos-raw@tao.ca') will be kept unmodified.

However, before changing anything, we are interested in your opinions. So please answer the following questions as short and consise as possible. Most of them can be answered by yes or no. Please do so to help automated evaluation. Example:

> 0. Do you like examples?


Questions which expect more than yes or no are marked by `(please describe)'.

If you have more comments - which are appreciated at any time - send them to `a-infos-org' in a separate post.

Please send your answer as a normal, plain text reply and direct them to `a-infos-org@tao.ca'. If you prefer to stay more anonymous, send your answer to `merten@dfki.uni-kl.de'.

Thanx in advance

The organizational collective

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1. Are you annoyed by the traffic on the main feed in any way?

a) By technical problems

b) By financial problems (i.e. you pay by the hour/minute for your internet service)

c) Too little time to read all the stuff

2. Are you aware of these feeds?

a) `a-infos24@tao.ca' (daily digest)?

b) `a-infozine@tao.ca' (digest with fixed size)?

c) `a-infos-raw@tao.ca' (unmoderated newsfeed without delays)?

3. Do you think you know, how a post sent by an arbitrary person gets into the main feed?

4. Do you know that there is a discussion list expressly for discussing the content of the news feed (`a-infos-d@tao.ca')?

The main feed is dominated by English. Because this is an international project, we consider this as undesirable.

Currently we think about this problem and want to help other languages. So the following questions should be answered mainly by persons, who are not native English speakers.

5. Would you appreciate to get rid of the English posts in a separate feed?

6. Would you like to get posts only in one or more languages you have subscribed to?

7. Do you know people, who would feel encouraged to get involved into the a-infos project, if there is a feed in their own native language?

The remaining questions are meant for all again.

8. Do you use the Web part (`http://www.tao.ca/TAO/ainfos.html') of the a-infos project?

a) Regularly

b) Once in a while

c) Never

9. Do you think access to the Web archive could be improved?

a) A full text search engine would help.

b) An option to search for keywords attached by the collective would be helpful.

c) Other suggestions (please describe)

We are thinking of systems, where you, the subscriber, actively has to pull something from the main feed. Of course the decision to request something, has to be based on some knowledge of what is available.

10. How do you decide, whether to read a post or not?

a) By looking at the subject line

b) By looking at the author

c) By reading the first few lines

d) By browsing through it

e) Other methods (please describe)

11. If there would be keywords describing the contents of the text,

a) I'd use them instead of the other methods described above

b) I'd use them in addition

c) I'd use them not at all

12. Do you think you would actively request a post from the archive, if you have information to decide, whether it is of interest for you?

a) I would edit and send a reply to get what I want.

b) I would use the Web, if information there is given clear and concise.

c) I would prefer getting an information of what's available by e-mail, and get the full post from the Web.

d) I like the system of the current feed as it is.

One final question.

13. Is there something you find superfluous, and in your opinion could be dropped (besides this questionaire of course ;-) )? Please describe.

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