(en) A Chronology Of The East Berlin Squatters' Movement

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Sun, 28 Sep 1997 22:31:10 -0400 (EDT)

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A Chronology Of The East Berlin Squatters' Movement

November 9, 1989 - The so-called "Fall of the Wall" in Berlin. In West Berlin, rent prices skyrocket as more people become homeless, while in East Berlin thousands of living spaces are empty, with no clear idea of who owns them.

Spring 1990 - Increasing numbers of youths from East and West Germany move into empty buildings and apartments. The Squatters' Council is formed, and represents more than 120 squatted buildings.

Summer 1990 - The East German police avoid areas dominated by anarchists and autonomists, squatters are negotiating with the East Berlin officials to get contracts for their buildings, the sun is shining a lot, some Nazis make a few problems now and then, and fascists even squat their own building in the Weitlingstrasse.

October 3, 1990 - Germany becomes a reunited 'Vaterland' once again. Control over the police forces is handed over to West Berlin. The first riot police attacks by West Berlin cops in East Berlin take place.

November 12, 1990 - Police evict 3 squats in the Pfarrstrasse and the Cotheniusstrasse. Following protest actions in the Friedrichshain neighborhood, water cannons begin to spray 12 squatted houses in the Mainzerstrasse. A riot starts and last into the night, forcing the police to retreat.

November 14, 1990 - More than 4,000 riot police and special commandos from all over Germany brutally evict the barricaded Mainzerstrasse.

End of November 1990 - The Greens protest the evictions by leaving their coalition government with the social democratic SPD party. [The city is then governed by a coalition of the SPD and the right-wing CDU.]

November/December 1990 - There are more evictions: Kadinerstrasse and Lubbenerstrasse in West Berlin.

1991 to 1992 - More than 85 squatted buildings become legalized through various contracts.

September 1995 - Eviction of the self-run "Adventure Playground" lot at the corners of Kreutziger/Boxhagener Strasse.

January 25, 1996 - The former 'Bundeswehr' general Jorg Schonbohm becomes Berlin's Interior Minister and declares that all squats will be evicted.

March 26, 1996 - The Palisadenstrasse 49 is evicted.

March 27, 1996 - The Kleine Hamburger Strasse 5 is evicted.

April 1996 - The front house at Rigaer Strasse 80 is evicted, as is the Alt Stralau, which had been squatted in early 1995.

May 1996 - A punk squat in the Kreutziger Strasse and the Samariterstrasse 31 are evicted.

June 1996 - Riot police attack a party in the Kreutziger Strasse because there was "too much noise" - at 9 p.m.!

July 1996 - Eviction of the wagon places on the East-Side-Gallery and the rear house at Kreutziger Strasse 11.

August 1996 - The last squat in West Berlin is evicted: Marchstrasse/Einsteinufer.

September 1996 - The Linienstrasse 158/159 is evicted.

October 1996 - Several squats are evicted: the front of Kinzigstrasse 9, Kreutziger Strasse 21, and parts of the Kreutziger Strasse 11, 12, and 13. A new squat in the Pfarrstrasse is immediately evicted.

November 1, 1996 - Squatters are fed up. A trolley car in Friedrichshain goes up in flames, as does a business belonging to the owner of the evicted Palisadenstrasse 49.

All is quiet for half a year....

May 21, 1997 - The Niederbarnimstrasse 23 is evicted.

July 29, 1997 - The Scharnweberstrasse 28, the Rigaer Strasse 80, the side of Schreinerstrasse 14, and the Pfarrstrasse 88/Eisenbahner are evicted.

There are now only 3 "squats" left in Berlin, according to city officials: The Rigaer Strasse 83 (which should soon be legalized), the Kinzigstrasse 25/27 (the local government wants to make a youth center here with the aid of the squatters), and a court ruled the Rigaer Strasse 80 eviction illegal.

(Translated by Arm The Spirit from "Jungle World" #32; http://www.nadir.org/nadir/periodika/jungle_world/32/12c.htm)

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