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ANNOUNCEMENT: "Fast Track, the MAI and Sustainability" will be the topic of the next Communications for a Sustainable Future (CSF) Online Seminar, starting Monday, September 29 and ending October 10, 1997. The seminar continues CSF's series in "Sustainable Economics" and will examine various perspectives and implications of the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) currently being negotiated at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Joining in the online discussion of this controversial proposal for a new international agreement on investment will be OECD Representative and MAI investment specialist Marie-France Houde, Stephen Viederman, Paul Hawken, and experts from various nations and fields of study. _______________________________________________________________ OPINIONS on the MAI are profoundly divided. The United States Council for International Business says:

"When concluded, the MAI will become the next pillar in the global system of trade, finance, and investment."

But The Preamble Center for Public Policy maintains:

"The MAI will guarantee foreign investors the ability to acquire 100% equity ownership in almost all economic sectors, enabling manufacturers to relocate almost anywhere they please. (also), the MAI will make it more lucrative for corporations to move production facilities to low-wage countries by banning costly performance requirements..."

Of proposed "Fast Track" negotiating authority, Chantell Taylor of Public Citizen says:

"... the President did not explicitly EXCLUDE the MAI in fast track, which means that he has maneuvering ability ... to apply fast track when the time comes WITHOUT risking the political heat now..." _______________________________________________________________ Several more perspectives on the MAI - including those from David Korten, the OECD, George Monbiot, William Witherell, and Noam Chomsky - may be accessed from: http://csf.colorado.edu/sustainable-economics/mai/ _______________________________________________________________ To SUBSCRIBE to the online seminar, please send an e-mail message of: sub sustainable-economics Firstname Lastname to: Listproc@csf.colorado.edu

To POST your comments to the list, e-mail them to: Sustainable-Economics@csf.colorado.edu

We encourage you to include a descriptor in the "Subject" line of your e-mail. If there is interest, a CONSENSUS STATEMENT will be drafted by seminar participants. ________________________________________________________________ For more INFORMATION, please see: http://csf.colorado.edu/sustainable-economics/ and http://csf.colorado.edu/sustainable-economics/mai/ ________________________________________________________________ If you have QUESTIONS about the online seminar, please e-mail Douglas Hinrichs at hinrichs@csf.colorado.edu

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