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Wednesday, October 22, 1997 Wear Black Last year people protested police brutality in over 46 cities. Food Not Bombs activist initeated the protest along with members of groups such as Copwatch and Refuse and Resist. Food Not Bombs shared food at many of the actions.

This year promises to be even bigger. People are sick of police brutality. You are encouraged to organize a protest on October 22nd or join those who are already planning events for that day. Union members, students, human rights activists, lawyers and many other individuals and organizations are helping build the October 22nd protest. For instance a postal workers union that represents workers at mail processing plants in California and Nevada is asking its members to wear black on October 22nd. Many members of the NAACP have endorsed the day. Many bands are performing benefit concerts and are endorsing the day. Students are planning walk outs in many cities. The October 22nd No Police Brutality Day Coalition is also working on the Stolen Lives Project . The Stolen Lives Project is a national effort to collect the names and facts surrounding each person who has been killed by the police during the past ten years. The National Lawyers Guild, The Anthony Baez Foundation and The October 22nd No Police Brutality Day Coalition are sponsoring the project. So far 300 names and details have been collected. Families who have lost love ones are the back bone of the Stolen Lives Project

Call 1-800-884-1136 or check out our web site at http://www.unstoppable.com22

Instead of protecting the public, police departments all around the country are waging a violent campaign of intimidation against the people in our community. Police departments are not concerned for public safety. They carry out this repression on behalf of the large transnational corporations. Clearly our neighborhoods are not safe from either the police, street thugs nor corporate criminals. For instance the police are used as strike breakers but rarely arrest the board of directors of companies that destroy the environment, kill workers or over charge consumers.

Each day we learn of another police beating such as happened to Rodney King or the two Mexican workers in Riverside, California. Los Angeles Police Department detective Mark Furhman's tapes give us a glimpse of the extent to which the police plan murders, frame-ups and extortion.

This taxpayer funded police corruption is epidemic throughout the country. Thousands of criminal cases were thrown out of court in Philadelphia when the local police were caught planting evidence and filing false reports. In cities all across America several unarmed people are killed by the police every month yet the officers are rarely disciplined. The New Orleans police were only stopped from continuing an organized racket of extortion and murder when they made the mistake of planning the execution of an FBI agent.

The Federal Crime Bill and Anti-Terrorist laws have encouraged the abuse of police power. The United States has locked up a higher percentage of its people then any other country yet the community is still not any safer. A majority of those who are in prison are there because they are people of color and the poor. Tens of thousands of people sit in jail because they are accused of possessing leaves from the marijuana plant. Law enforcement agencies spy of the political opponents of big business. The new Crime Bill and planned political executions of innocent people like Mumia Abu-Jamal who was set to die on August 17, 1995 in Pennsylvania are designed to make us feel frightened and powerless. In most communities the homeless are on the front line of a war being waged by the ruling elite, using the local police as their army. The police rob us of money and resources so they can finance their attacks on our rights and freedom. The fact that thousands of people took to the street after the Rodney King verdict in cities all over the world is a hopeful sign.

NATIONAL PROTEST TO END POLICE BRUTALITY ON IMMIGRANTS, YOUTH AND THE POOR. Join us in the National Protest to End Police Brutality sometime in October 1997 Hold a candle light vigil, wear a black armband and participate in rallies, marches and speak-outs and show your support ending the epidemic of police repression.

Call 1-800-884-1136 or check out our web site at http://www.unstoppable.com22

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